Forbidden Lie$

Forbidden Lie$

Here's another "WOW!" alert. Talk about a web of lies, deceit and confusion; they most certainly exist in this new documentary called, Forbidden Lie$. There are as many twists and turns as there are in just about any action-packed thriller. First though, you need to understand the background information.

In 2003, a Jordanian woman known as Norma Khouri published a book called, "Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern Day Jordan."

The book tells a horrific story of a woman that is "honor killed" by her father and her brother for dating a Christian while being a Muslim. The author claimed that these events were true and that the "honor killing" happened to a friend of hers when they were teenagers living in Jordan. The book became a near instant international best seller for exposing honor killings in Jordan.

In 2004, Australian journalist Malcolm Knox of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote a news story exposing the book as a complete hoax. Knox exposed seventy three factual errors in the book and called into question whether or not such an event ever took place to begin with. Knox went on to receive a prestigious journalistic award for uncovering those factual errors in the book while Random House began pulling the book from its shelves.

In 2007, Anna Broinowski decided to film Norma Khouri as they searched for evidence that there was a real honor killing in Jordan and that her childhood friend really did exist as the true heroine in her book. What should have been a simple case to either prove or disprove turned out to be web of deceit and lies. I doubt that anyone will ever know the truth. Take a look at the trailer below: