Criminal Minds. The First Season [videorecording]

Criminal Minds

There are a lot of television shows involving criminal investigations and murder. The public must love them otherwise there wouldn't be so many. I have to admit that I've been sucked into a few of them. I've seen:

Foyle's War
The Wire
The Shield (We no longer have this one)
The Closer
Dead Zone
The Jesse Stone Series
Over the weekend I picked up season one of "Criminal Minds" on dvd.

This show follows an elite team of FBI criminal profilers that specialize in creating detailed profiles of criminals after a crime as taken place in a local community. They are called the "Behavioral Analysis Unit" of the FBI. What's interesting is that this really does exist! Despite what you might think of profiling, this show does an excellent job of showing how profiling helps catch criminals quickly. There's a lot of law enforcement jargon in the show, but they reveal what it means in subsequent episodes. So, if you're into police shows and criminal investigations, here's another one to check out. See the trailer below.