Tuning in Two: Spirit Channelers in America

Tuning in Two

The best part about the Monroe County Public Library's dvd collection is that there's always something good on the shelf that you haven't seen yet. Most people forget about this because they are focused on new titles and other popular items.

If you're willing to spend a few minutes browsing, you'll likely find something interesting.

Yesterday I watched Tuning in Two. When it comes to the claim that people have certain "psychic abilities" I'm neither a believer nor disbeliever but I can't help but watch. "Tuning in Two" is a documentary that records six individuals that channel the other side and reveal insightful information about current events and what the future holds for us. Each spirit has its own personality and its own set of warnings. The spirits also gave some good news. At the end when the spirits leave, the individuals return to their own bodies with little to no memory of what they were just saying. Whether you believe it or not, it's an amazing thing to watch. See the trailer below.