"Abduction " reviewed by Lisa Clement on July 20, 2013

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Peg Kerhet
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I love this book. If I made a book it would have the life story and happy begining, the intresting and frighting middle and the very happy ending. I will read try and read every Peg Kerhet books. I hope i will find a book like this one. I love the e book Abduction! ~Lisa
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"Abduction" reviewed by Alex Sparks on July 12, 2013

Peg Kehret
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This story is about a thirteen year old girl named Bonnie and her five year old brother Matt who is taken. When Bonnie first discovered her brother was missing she told her mom and the police. The police discovered with the help of their dogs that Matt had asked to go to the bathroom towards the end of the school day. Then he walked out the door with someone and got into a car at the curb. While the police were searching Bonnie realized that her dog was missing too and that might be the reason that Matt got into the mysterious car. But who would want to take Matt and what is the reason? Will Bonnie be able to save Matt or will she get herself into the same trouble?
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Most Definately
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