Broken Pride

"Bravelands (#1): Broken Pride" reviewed by AnAn L. on March 8, 2021

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AnAn L.   
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Bravelands (#1): Broken Pride   
Erin Hunter   
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Fearless Gallantpride (son of leader Gallant)'s life is almost perfect. He is safe within the boundaries, and his father's leadership of his pride has brought them many successful kills and prosperity. They had followed the Code - "Kill to Survive." They had only killed what was needed. However, lions' life's cannot stay perfect and content, however, as Titan, the bloodthirsty and evil lion, came up to his father's pride and challenged him for leadership. Gallant won, but as Titan's strength ceased, he called among his pride and they, as one pride against one lion, defeated Gallant. The cries of, "Cheater!" and "That is against the Rules!" rang out against Fearless, he ran away with his sister Valor, not daring to look behind. He was saved by a baboon, Stinger, and his troop, Brightforest Troop. He grew up with them, with only one oath: I swear that when I grow up, I will kill Titan and take back my pride, bringing my revenge and hatred down on him. Titan is mine. Not far away, Sky Strider, an elephant belonging to the Strider family, was walking side by side with Great Mother, the Great Parent that brought advice to Bravelands and told them what the Great Spirit wanted. However, she discovers that not only can she see the past of a dead animal's bones, but can see the future as well. She trudges for miles, hoping to discover more. Fearless's friend, Thorn, a baboon, worries about his mother and sister nonstop while he is in love with Berry, Stinger's daughter, and she is in love with him. Unfortunately, they must meet in secret because of Thorn's rank as a Leaf and Berry's rank as a Leaf. The three friends embark on a journey that is full of dangers, from betrayal from your loved to murder from the smallest. They face constant challenges and they are twined together because of one broken pride.   
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I read this book because my friend, Angela, suggested it. I read this, and I could not put it down (literally). This is probably one of my favorite book series ever. The author provides information and drama for you to stay on your toes and to keep on turning the page. I think that everybody who is interested in animals, love, bravery, and sacrifice should read this book. This book is the first book of the series Bravelands, along with #2: Code of Honor.   
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