Charlotte's Web

"Charlotte's Web" reviewed by AnAn L. on December 12, 2020

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AnAn L.   
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Charlotte's Web   
E.B. White   
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When Fern Arable, an eight-year-old girl, learns that her father (Mr. Arable) will kill the runt of the new-born litter born by his pig, Fern "lectures" him that every living thing should get the right to live and grow, why shouldn't a baby pig that's a runt? Mr. Arable doesn't want to devastate his daughter, so he reluctantly brings the runt inside... and both Fern's and the pig's (whom she named Wilbur) life change. He lives in a pen in their yard, and it seems like everything will go fine. But when he grows to big, Fern is forced to sell him to her uncle. There, Wilbur learns two things: one, that he will die as food, and two, that friends - no matter big or small - can save your life. He meets Charlotte, a spider, and she is determined to save his life - even if it means giving up hers.   
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I read this book because I made a book club and the book that we were reading next was Charlotte's Web. Once you pick it up, it's almost impossible to put down, because it is so packed with information, adventure, and daring. This book is perfect for everybody who loves animals, adventure, and friendship.   
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