Go With the Flow

Staff Picks: Go with the Flow

What’s worse than being bullied the first week at your new school? Getting period on your white pants!

Thankfully, new sophomore Sasha Chen is whisked away by three friends, Brit, Abby, and Christine, who help Sasha and welcome her to their friend group. United over friendship and periods, the girls tackle the problem of the feminine product vending machines constantly being empty by appealing to the administration to keep the machines restocked or, even better, provide period products for free. Will the friends succeed on their mission?

Go with the Flow is the perfect book to demystify menstruation – it educates readers about various issues surrounding menstruation helping to break down common feelings of shame surrounding this natural part of life. Go with the Flow also provides facts about periods, a period history, and other resources for readers. It is a great book for fans of graphic novels like Shannon Hale’s Real Friends and Svetlana Chmakova’s Berrybrook Middle School series, or Kim Harrington’s novel Revenge of the Red Club. Appropriate for ages 9+

Reviewed by Kim B.

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