"Bravelands (#6): Oathkeeper" reviewed by AnAn L. on April 4, 2021

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AnAn L.   
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Bravelands (#6): Oathkeeper   
Erin Hunter   
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Titan, the vicious and bloodthirsty lion, has now found a new group of dangerous allies: golden wolves. They kill their victims and leave everything behind - except for the heart. They devour the heart, meaning that the victim will never get the chance to float in the stars, whereas the spirit and strength will be given to the eater. Bravelands begins to collapse as Titan and his pack kills every creature. Meanwhile, the elephant Sky Strider has a special connection with the Great Spirit, who tells her that Titan must be destroyed. Sky isn't sure what to make of this, as elephants have always been peaceful creatures. She decides to trek a long and hard journey, hoping to find clues. In the canopy, Thorn, a baboon, holds a dark secret. He struggles to hold it in, finding himself in the middle of distrust. And Fearless, the young lion who promised to kill Titan one day, finds himself outnumbered to Titan's allies. Fearless learns that he must rely on his friends to defeat Titan together. Bravelands, the once strong and healthy land of flourish and trust, has become weak and dreary with the weight of Titan and his pack. They must form a unity together to defeat evil. But is that possible, with so many unsuspecting dangers?   
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I read this book because I had already read the other books in the Bravelands series. I thought that they were very interesting and exciting, so I decided to keep on reading. This book is extremely well-written, and I suggest that all ages should read this. If you are interested in mystery, adventure, and teamwork, then Oathkeeper is the perfect book for you.   
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