2017 Lotus Festival Artists

Music in the Library's collection by 2017 Lotus World Music & Arts Festival artists.

Compiled by:
Lizzie F.

Movies & Music – 789.294 Ala

Honors Kongar-ool Ondar, who served as a musical father not only for the ensemble, but for an entire generation of Tuvan musicians. As Ondar shared memory and tradition, so too does Alash with spirited performances and forward-thinking collaborations. The group's first studio album for Smithsonian Folkways beautifully illustrates the adaptability of Tuvan music, organically created and deeply rooted, yet still interconnected with the sound world of the twenty-first century.

Movies & Music – 789.23 Vas

"The band's seventeenth studio album, dominated by the Swedish obsession with 3-beat rhythms, mostly in the form of the traditional 'polska' but with a couple high-energy waltzes thrown in for good measure."—CD Roots

De Temps Antan
Movies & Music – 789.2114 De

Traditional and original music from Québec.

Sam Bartlett
Movies & Music – 789.213 Bar

"Springy, punchy, crunchy instrumental music for people who move to a groove; musical caffeine from an American original, someone who does not sound like anyone else."—Artist's website


Movies & Music –

Lo'Jo's blend of gypsy, African, and French folk has won them legions of fans. After fifteen albums and work with top artists, they chart new waters.

I Am Another You

Making Movies
Movies & Music – 789.3 Mak

"Produced by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin, I Am Another You is an ambitious, sprawling 20-track work that spans rock, cumbia, psychedelia, American roots, son cubano, and spoken word — a dizzying but cohesive blend that gives the album a cinematic feel, like it should serve as the soundtrack for some as-yet-unwritten film. The album’s title comes from the the Mayan saying 'In Lak’Ech Ala K’In' — 'I am another you, you are another me.'"—American Songwriter

Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet
Movies & Music –

A sweet, soulful album that brings together old-time Malian sounds and contemporary classical strings.—Pop Matters

Outside Track
Movies & Music – 789.22 Out

The fourth studio album from the Pan-Celtic group who perform Scots, Irish, and Cape Breton songs and stepdance.

Alex Cuba
Movies & Music 789.268 Cub

Possessed with a new level of confidence that comes from having proven oneself among one's peers, Alex Cuba is opening himself up like never before on this new album, that takes new creative risks and mining for inspiration his earliest musical influences from his childhood in Cuba.

Kaia Kater
Movies & Music – 789.6 Kat

"Born of Afro-Caribbean descent in Québec, Kaia Kater grew up between two worlds: one her family's deep ties to Canadian folk music in her Toronto home; the other the years she spent learning and studying Appalachian music in West Virginia. Her new album casts an unflinching eye at the realities faced by people of color in North America every day. Her songs are fueled by her rich low tenor vocals, jazz-influenced instrumentation, and beautifully understated banjo, and they've got as much in common with Kendrick Lamar right now as they do with Pete Seeger."—Amazon

Slide-Guitar Ragas From Dusk Till Dawn

Debashish Bhattacharya
Movies & Music 789.2914 Bha

Deeply grounded in India's musical traditions—yet profoundly innovative—this album combines revolutionary, reinvented guitars with a boundary-bending melodic and rhythmic approach.

Sam Bartlett
Movies & Music – 789.213 Bar

Sam Bartlett's tenor banjo playing has sparked and driven dozens of New England dance bands across the country. Swamp Ceili combines Sam's dance-party-mix sensibilities with the talents of world-class Cajun and Irish musicians to create outrageously grooving traditional music.

Rachel Sermanni
Movies & Music – 789.22 Ser

A captivating follow-up to [Sermanni's] 2012 debut, Under Mountains, offering a richer, darker take on the soft folk of that record. With its driving electric guitars and dreamy chorus, the album opener, "Run," showcases Sermanni’s stunning voice and newfound swagger.—Guardian

When the People Move, The Music Moves Too

Meklit Hadero
Movies & Music – 789.3 Had

"A collaboration with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Dan Wilson (Adele, Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift), the album is built on Meklit's jazz-steeped working-band featuring bassist Sam Bevan, drummer Colin Douglas, and Marco Peris Coppola on frame drum tupan and other hand percussion."—Amazon