A Celebration of Ireland

The Country Cooking of Ireland

Colmon Andrews
641.5941 And

Ireland is quickly becoming one the world's top culinary destinations.  Andrews introduces the people and country of Ireland through 250 delicious recipes with more than 100 photographs.

The Great Shame: and the Triumph of the Irish in the English-speaking world

Thomas Keneally
304.8 Ke

Keneally provides an in depth analysis of the Irish influence on the world during the nineteenth century when the country lost half its population to famine, emigration, and deportation.

In the Woods

Tana French

The first novel in the Dublin Murder Squad series introduces detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox investigating a case with eerie similarities to an incident from Rob's childhood. Atmospheric, with a complex storyline, In the Woods is a mystery that will keep you guessing.


Frank Delaney

A fictionalized history of Ireland, Delaney blends storytelling with a family's history to reveal Irish legend and historical stories. This family saga centers on Ronan O'Mara and how storytelling impacts his life.

Ireland's Holy War: The Struggle for a Nation's Soul, 1500-2000

Marcus Tanner
941.5 Ta

A chronicle of the conflict between Protestants and Catholics which began with the 12th century Old English who first settled the Pale.  The book particularly focuses on the Unionist and Nationalist movements of the last century.

Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha

Roddy Doyle

Doyle won the Man Booker Prize for this novel told from the unique perspective of 10-year-old Paddy as he and his friends scheme and cavort their way through 1960s Ireland. By turns funny and sad Paddy watches with uncertainty as his parents' marriage dissolve.

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga

Edward Rutherford

Rutherford writes an intricately plotted epic novel that covers seventeen centuries of Irish history from pre-Christian Ireland to the mid-sixteenth century.  The narrative is told through the experiences of a myriad of historical and fictional characters.  This book is the first part in a two-part series about the history of Ireland.

The Secret Scripture

Sebastian Barry

The mystery of a 100-year-old mental patient Rose McNulty is the core of this novel set in rural west Ireland. As Rose begins writing her memoirs, her therapist begins observing her trying to discover the reasons for her decades long confinement.

St. Patrick of Ireland: a Biography

Philip Freeman
270.2 Fr

Freeman narrates the fascinating story of Ireland's most well-known historical figure, which helped shape the islands history and culture.  This book brings the legend to life and reveals the turbulent time period in which he lived.

A Week in Winter

Maeve Binchy

A cast of eccentric characters are brought together in a cozy renovated inn on the West Coast of Ireland.  Each of them must confront a difficulty and find a way to overcome it with help from the other guests.