Adoption Books

Stories and informational books to help young children understand adoption.

Compiled by:
Children's Services Staff

Picture Books

A Child Is A Child

Brigitte Weninger
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej We)

When two frogs are left orphaned, Mama Mouse mobilizes the community to use their skills to help her raise them.

A Crazy-Much Love

Joy Jordan-Lake
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Jor)

Two parents recount the journey of adopting their daughter and the many milestone moments that follow. From the child’s first bath and first time riding a tricycle, all the way to her boarding that big yellow bus, the crazy-much love grows SO MUCH that it spills out the windows and busts down the doors.

The Family Book

Todd Parr
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Par)

Represents a variety of families, some big and some small, some with only one parent and some with two moms or dads, some quiet and some noisy, but all alike in some ways and special no matter what.

Home at Last

Vera B. Williams
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Wil)

After Lester is adopted from his foster home by Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich, he can't fall asleep in his new bed. What will it take to make Lester feel home at last?

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes

Rose Lewis
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Le)

A woman describes how she went to China to adopt a special baby girl. Based on the author's own experiences.

Just Right Family: An Adoption Story

Silvia Lopez
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Lop)

When Meili learns her parents are adopting another child, she must accept the role of big sister and realize a new addition can be just right too

Little Cub

Olivier Dunrea
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Dun)

A young bear cub, who is alone in the world, and Old Bear, who is grumpy and tired of living alone, meet and discover what they have been missing.

A Most Unusual Day

Sydra Mallery
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mal)

Caroline is anxious all day at school, nervous about her newly-adopted sister's arrival from far away.

A Mother For Choco

Keiko Kasza
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ka)

Choco, a lonely yellow bird with no mother, sets out to find a mother but cannot find anyone that shares her appearance. At last, she meets a mother bear who cares for her and invites Choco to join the family -- which includes an adopted pig, rhinoceros, and alligator.

My New Mom and Me

Galindo, Renata
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Gal)

Worrying about how his adoptive cat mom is so unlike him on the outside, a puppy develops an appreciation for his new family's enjoyment of differences as they participate in the same loving and squabbling activities shared by all loving families.

Pablo's Tree

Pat Mora
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mo)

Each year on his birthday, a young Mexican American boy looks forward to seeing how his grandfather has decorated the tree he planted on the day the boy was adopted into a Mexican American family. Spanish language is interspersed throughout the story.

Real Sisters Pretend

Lambert, Megan Dowd
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Lam)

Safe in the knowledge that adoption has made them "forever family," stepsisters Mia and Tayja improvise an imaginary adventure with a joyful homecoming to a real home with their two moms.

The Red Blanket

Eliza Thomas
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Th)

Tells the story of a single woman who goes to China to adopt a baby.

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles

Darlene Friedman
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Fri)

As her turn to be "Star of the Week" in her kindergarten class approaches, Cassidy-Li puts together a poster with pictures of her family, friends, and pets, and wonders about her birth parents in China.

The Story I'll Tell

Tupper Ling, Nancy
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Tup)

A mother weaves a magical web of tales to explain how her child came to be a part of the family.

And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ri)

At New York City's Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg until it hatches.

Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born

Jamie Lee Curtis
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Cu)

A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption.

Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story

Yumi Heo
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Heo)

A young girl eagerly awaits the arrival of her newly-adopted sister from Korea, while her whole family prepares.

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption And Families

Todd Parr
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Par)

The joy of adoption and bringing families together is presented in this tale.


I'm Adopted!

Shelley Rotner
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 362.734 Rot)

With a perceptive text and dynamic photographs, the creators of this book demystify adoption for young children and celebrate the joy that comes with adding to a family.