Celebrate Black History Month by reading a novel written by a Black author. These titles run the gamut from thrillers to magical realism to historical fiction to romance.

Black Buck

Mateo Askaripour

This satirical novel tells the story of a directionless, young Black man who transforms into a Black salesman on a mission, lambasting corporate culture while considering race relations.

Caul Baby

Morgan Jerkins

Three generations of women are born with cauls, a source of healing power. Set in Harlem their lives experience heartbreak and happiness, as well as family secrets.

The Kindest Lie

Nancy Johnson

This thought provoking novel tells the story of Ruth whose search for the baby she abandoned opens up family secrets and racial divides in her Indiana hometown.


Kaitlyn Greenidge

Libertie, a Black girl, is born free in post Civil War New York and must make her own way on a rocky path of racism and colorism in this historical fiction book.

The Other Black Girl

Zakiya Dalila Harris

A darkly humorous look at two Black women competing to conquer the White world of New York publishing houses.

Razorblade Tears

S.A. Cosby

Two ex cons band together to seek justice for their sons. This gritty, fast paced drama looks at issues of race and homophobia.

Seven Days in June

Tia Williams

A contemporary romance featured on Reese Witherspoon’s book club, this novel tells the story of a teen romance that reignites in adulthood during a steamy Brooklyn summer.


Rivers Solomon

The suspenseful story of a 15 year old who escapes the strict religious compound where she was raised to give birth to twins. Through her quest to survive she discovers a transformative power within.

This Close to Okay

Leesa Cross-Smith

This vibrant novel explores the relationship between two strangers when a recently divorced therapist decides to stop a man who looks like he is contemplating jumping from a bridge.

What's Mine and Yours

Naima Coster

This coming of age tale spans decades telling two family sagas beginning with the integration of a predominately White school system.

While Justice Sleeps

Stacey Abrams

A political thriller set in Washington D.C. focusing on a dangerous conspiracy. Written by politician and activist Stacey Abrams.

Yellow Wife

Sadeqa Johnson

Born on a plantation but set apart from the others by her mother's position as a medicine woman, a young slave is forced to leave home at eighteen and unexpectedly finds herself in an infamously cruel jail.