Can't get away for Spring Break? Go along for the ride with these inspiring travelogues.

Compiled by:
Stacey T
Alone Time : Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude

Stephanie Rosenbloom
Adult Nonfiction - 910.4 Ros

An account of the pleasures of solo travel, with practical advice to plan your next adventure.

The Amur River : Between Russia and China

Colin Thubron
Adult Nonfiction - 958.1047 Loy

The Amur, the tenth-longest river in the world, is one of the most formidable and mysterious rivers on earth. Veteran travel journalist Thubron creates an enthralling portrait of a region known to few outsiders.

Black Girls Take World : The Travel Bible for Black Women with Boundless Wanderlust

Georgina Lawton
Adult Nonfiction - 910.82 Law

Sharing stories of her own travels, Lawton encourages Black women to explore the world.  Anyone contemplating solo travel will find Lawtons practical tips helpful as they hit the road on their next adventure.  

The Border: A Journey Around Russia

Erika Fatland
Adult Nonfiction - 914.7 Fat

An impressive mix of history, reportage and travel memoir that reveals what it is like living next-door to Russia.





Clanlands : Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other

Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish, Charlotte Reather
Adult Nonfiction - 914.11 Heu

The stars of "Outlander" discover the complex, rich history and culture of their native Scotland.  With humor and warmth, they explore their friendship, what it means to be Scots, and all things whisky.

Come Fly the World

Julia Cooke
Adult Nonfiction - 920 Coo

An engaging and richly detailed account of the women who were flight attendants for Pan Am, the airline of choice for jet-setters during the '60s and '70s.  It recounts the surprising role Pan Am "stewardesses" played in the Vietnam War. 


The Gran Tour : Travels With My Elders

Ben Aiken
Adult Nonfiction - 305.26 Ait

A 32-year-old explores Great Britain via bus tours that cater to seniors.  For readers who delight in witty accounts of travel with an Anglophile flair, this is a hilarious guide to the road in the company of retirees.

An Innocent Abroad : Life-changing Trips From 35 Great Writers

Don George
- Editor
Adult Nonfiction - 910.4092 Inn

More than 20 well-known writers and celebrities share the travel experiences that shaped their personalities and changed their lives. 

Islands of Abandonment

Cal Flyn
Adult Nonfiction - 333.7315 Fly

An exploration of places once inhabited by humans, now abandoned due to man-made calamities or natural disaster.  It affirms the power of benign neglect in enabling nature to do the work of regeneration.

Real Queer America : LGBT Stories from Red States

Samantha Allen.
Adult Nonfiction - 306.766 All

GLAAD Award-winning journalist Allen showcases the resistance, the community-building and the culture of LGBTQ folks who live in Utah, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia.  Allen shares her own path to transition while highlighting the beauty of the spaces that LGBTQ+ people have carved out for themselves.


To Shake the Sleeping Self : A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and a Quest for a Life with No Regret

Jedidiah Jenkins
Adult Nonfiction - 917.304 Jen

As he approaches 30, Jenkins undertakes a bicycle journey from Oregon to Patagonia, the southern end of South America, in the hope of reconnecting to life.  Along the way, he also seeks to square his identity as a gay man with his beliefs as a Christian.  An uplifting memoir and travelogue about the power of movement for the body and the soul. 



Under Another Sky

Charlotte Higgins
Adult Nonfiction - 936.104 Hig

Weaves Britain's history and contemporary landscape together into a complex and fascinating account that is part travelogue, part history and wholly charming.

Walking the Nile

Levison Wood
Adult Nonfiction - 916.2 Woo

A bold travelogue, juxtaposing the sheer beauty and splendor of the Nile basin with the political and social realities of modern Africa.

Winter Pasture

Juan Li
Adult Nonfiction - 921 Li Li

A warm portrait of stark, strenuous lives in remote China.  A bestseller in China for years and winner of the People’s Literature Award.