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Everything I Never Told You

March 4, 2018

Celeste Ng
Led by Dory Lynch

”What emerges is a deep, heartfelt portrait of a family struggling with its place in history, and a young woman hoping to be the fulfillment of that struggle. This is, in the end, a novel about the burden of being the first of your kind — a burden you do not always survive.” The New York Times Book Review. This program is part of the NEA Big Read, National Endowment for the Arts.

April 8, 2018

Led by Dory Lynch

Enduring, romantic, and erotic love, or heartbreak, break-ups, and unrequited love.  To celebrate National Poetry Month we will look at poems from around the world about the many kinds of love.  Please bring a favorite or a newly discovered poem about one of these topics to read aloud.

The Dry

May 6, 2018

Jane Harper
Led by Dory Lynch

“There is about The Dry something mythic and valiant. This is a story about heroism, the sins of the past, and the struggle to atone. But let's not forget the redbacks, the huntsmen, the rabbit scourge and all that makes this a quintessential Australian story beautifully told.” Sue Turnbull