Bright Beginnings Booklist: Toddlers (2-3 years)

Bright Beginnings Booklist: Toddlers (2-3 years)

Recommended reading for toddlers (2-3 years)

Compiled by:
Ginny H.
Bark George

Jules Feiffer
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Fe)

When When George's mother asks him to bark, some surprising sounds come out.

A Bear Sat on my Porch Today

Jane Yolen
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Yolen)

Told in rhyme, a bear settles on the narrator's porch, and is soon followed by many other woodland friends, until the porch collapses under the weight--but bear and his friends repair the damage and almost everybody is invited to lunch.

Bear Sees Colors

Karma Wilson
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Wil)

While taking a walk with Mouse, Bear meets many other friends and sees colors everywhere.

Big Fat Hen

Keith Baker
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 398.8 Bak)

A hen counts to ten with her chicks. "One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door . . . . Nine, ten, big fat hen!"

Now young children can enjoy a popular nursery rhyme and learn to count, too.

Bigger! Bigger!

Leslie Patricelli
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Pat)

Putting on her construction hat, a young girl uses her imagination as she builds a doghouse, a bridge, and a skyscraper.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Bill Martin, Jr.
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ma)

In an alphabet chant, all the letters race one another up the coconut tree.

Do Crocs Kiss?

Salina Yoon
(Juvenile Board Book -- Baby Book)

Rhyming text and flaps reveal a variety of wild animals and the sounds they make, including snakes, bears, and lions.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Mo Willems
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Wi)

A wild and wacky pigeon begs the reader to let him drive the bus.

Five Little Ducks

Ivan Bates
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 398.8 Ba)

One by one, five little ducks wander away from their mother until her lonely quack brings them all waddling back.

From Head to Toe

Eric Carle
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ca)

Bold illustrations encourage the reader to follow the movements of various animals.

Get Out of My Bath!

Britta Teckentrup
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Teckentrup)

Ellie the elephant's relaxing bath is disrupted by splashing friends, prompting her to suck up all of the water into her trunk until everyone else leaves.

Go Away Big Green Monster!

Ed Emberley
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Em)

Cut-out pages reveal a monster piece by piece, until the reader tells him to go away!

Good Night Gorilla

Peggy Rathmann
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ra)

A sleepy zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.

Is Your Mama a Llama?

Deborah Guarino
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Gu)

Rhyming text in which a young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas.


Keith Baker
(Juvenile Picture Book Nonfiction -- Ej 411 Bak)

Busy little peas introduce their favorite occupations, from astronaut to zoologist.

Love Waves

Rosemary Wells
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej We)

Sweet, reassuring text describes feelings of love while the parent is away at work.

Mama Cat has Three Kittens

Denise Fleming
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Fl)

While two kittens copy everything their mother does, their brother naps.

Marc Brown’s Playtime Rhymes

Marc Brown
(Juvenile Picture Book Nonfiction -- Ej 398.8 Bro)

A lively collection of the artist's 20 favorite read-and-play-along finger rhymes complements such entries as "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and "I'm a Little Teapot" with pictorial instructions for correlating finger movements.

Mr. Gumpy's Outing

John Burningham
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Bu)

Mr. Gumpy accepts more and more riders on his boat until the inevitable occurs.

My Car

Byron Barton
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ba)

Sam describes in loving detail his car and how he drives it.

Over in the Meadow

Olive Wadsworth
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 398.8 Wa)

A tender song that describes the activities of various animals from one through ten.

Peek-A-Boo You!

Jane Cabrera
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Cab)

Join Kitty in a game of peek-a-boo, and see who's hiding behind cut-out holes.


Kate Alizadeh
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Alizadeh)

Ssh! What's that noise? In this book the text and visual clues help a child experience the home through sound, which will be familiar to those children who are blind or partially sighted.


Quit Calling Me a Monster!

Jory John
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej John)

A young monster resents being called a monster.

Singing in the Rain

Tim Hopgood
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Hopgood)

A picture book adaptation of the song Singing in the rain, which celebrates the glory of clouds and rain.

And the Train Goes--

William Bee
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Be)

As passengers board, they add to the sound of the train, which goes "Clickerty click."

This Is The Nest That Robin Built

Denise Fleming
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Fle)

A cumulative rhyme about the animals who help Robin build her nest.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Jerry Pinkney
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 821.7 Pin)

Glorious illustrations follow a dream-like story set to this familiar tune.

Waiting for Wings

Lois Ehlert
(Juvenile Picture Books Nonfiction - Ej 595.78 Ehl)

Bold illustrations depict the life of butterflies.

We Love You, Rosie!

Cynthia Rylant
(Juvenile Picture Book -- Ej Ryl)

Rosie is a family dog who goes about her day exploring opposites. No matter what she does, her family always loves her

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 398.2 We're Going Ros)

A family embarks on a bear hunt in this traditional chant.

Who Am I? An Animal Guessing Game

Steve Jenkins
(Juvenile Nonfiction -- J 590 Jen)

Readers are given clues about an animal's characteristics and must use them to guess the identity of the creature.