Doing the right thing even when you fear the outcome.

The bravest of us all

Marsha Diane Arnold
Ej Ar

Ruby Jane thinks that her sister Velma Jean is the bravest person in her family, but when a tornado comes, Ruby Jane shows that she is very brave herself.

The Farm Team

Linda Bailey
Ej Bai

When the Farm Team once again plays the Bush League Bandits in the hockey playoffs, a win may finally be in sight for the Farm Team, until the Bandits bring in a substitute player that is sure to deliver a serious mauling.

The Gruffalo

Julia Donaldson
Ej Do

A clever mouse uses the threat of a terrifying creature to keep from being eaten by a fox, an owl, and a snake--only to have to outwit that creature as well.

Kiki’s blankie

Janie Bynum
Ej Byn

Kiki the monkey has many daring adventures with her polka-dot "blankie," but when it sails away without her and lands above a sleeping crocodile, she may not be brave enough to come to the rescue.

The littlest dinosaur

Michael Foreman
Ej For

The littlest dinosaur discovers the advantages of being small as he frolics among the lily pads with his new frog friends, and then bravely finds his way home after getting lost in the woods.

Max the Brave

Ed Vere
Ej Ver

Max is a cute kitten who dreams of becoming a brave mouse-catcher. So he sets off in search of a mouse, and discovers that bravery perhaps is not so important after all.

Oh yeah!

Tom Birdseye
Ej Bi

Two boys camp out in the backyard and compete to show their courage in the face of imagined nighttime dangers.

Pepito the brave

Scott Beck
Ej Be

Pepito is afraid of heights. When his brothers and sisters fly off to a new tree, the little bird decides to make his own way there. A big fence, a wide river, and a busy road can't stop him. Pepito is a determined fellow who doesn't realize how brave he truly is.

Sosu’s Call

Meshack Asare
Ej As

When a great storm threatens, Sosu, an African boy who is unable to walk, joins his dog Fusa in helping save their village.