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The dark at the top of the stairs
Ej Mcb

Knowing that he must satisfy their curiosity, an old mouse agrees to show three young mice the "monster" at the top of the stairs.


Molly Bang
J 398.2 Crane Wife Ban

In this adaptation of "The Crane Wife," a shipbuilder marries a mysterious woman who makes him promise never to look at her while she weaves.

How the elephant got its trunk

Jean Richards
Ej Ri

Because of his curiosity about what the crocodile has for dinner, a little elephant and all elephants thereafter have long trunks.

Oh, no, Ono!

Hans de Beer
Ej De

Ono the piglet's curiosity involves him in such mishaps as getting trapped in a ball of yarn while playing with a kitten and accidentally running into a sleeping cow while knocking over haystacks.

Raccoon on his Own

Jim Arnosky
Ej Ar

A curious young raccoon takes an unexpected trip downstream in a small wooden boat.

A very curious bear

Tony Mitton
Ej Mit

A very curious bear asks his parent questions about all the things they see and do all day long.