Eating Locally

The local food movement—exemplified by our own Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market—has sprouted across the country in recent years. Take full advantage of the largest farmers’ market in Southern Indiana through the tips in these books.

Compiled by:
Jane R.
Blessing the Hands That Feed Us: What Eating Closer to Home Can Teach Us About Food, Community, and Our Place on Earth

Vicki Robin
Adult Nonfiction – 363.8097 Rob

Documents the author's efforts to eat food produced within ten miles of her home, exposing the cause-and-effect consequences of a processed-foods diet. She shares stories of the farmers she befriends who epitomize the sustainable lifestyle.

The CSA Cookbook: No-Waste Recipes for Cooking Your Way Through a Community Supported Agriculture Box, Farmers' Market, or Backyard Bounty

Linda Ly
Adult Nonfiction – 641.65 Ly

These seasonal recipes use every edible part of the plant, from leaves and flowers to stems and seeds.

The Farmers Market Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Fresh, Local, Seasonal Produce

Julia Shanks
Adult Nonfiction – 641.563 Sha

From detailed produce descriptions to storage tips, preparation techniques and over 200 recipes, this book has the answer to every prospective locavore's perennial question, “What do I do with this?”

Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey in Photos and Recipes

Forrest Pritchard
Adult Nonfiction – 338.1 Pri

A collection of recipes and more than 250 photos capturing the struggles and triumphs of visionary farmers.

The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times

Michael Brownlee
Adult Nonfiction – 338.19 Bro

A practical guide for those hoping to navigate the challenging process of shaping the local or regional food system. Written for farmers, community gardeners, aspiring food entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, community food activists, non-profit agencies, policy makers or local government leaders—anyone who wants to be a catalyst for change.

Making Local Food Work: The Challenges and Opportunities of Today's Small Farmers

Brandi Janssen
Adult Nonfiction – 338.1097 Jan

How can local food production benefit communities the most? We may have to do more than shop at our farmers’ market to make it happen.

Storey's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs for Market

Keith Stewart
Adult Nonfiction – 631.584 Ste

Addresses how to successfully grow and market organic vegetables and herbs, covering land, equipment, growing techniques, harvesting, storage, sales, accounting, and more.