Picture Books and Younger Elementary

Deborah Diesen
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Die)

A mother and child plant flower bulbs in the fall, wait through the winter, and see them bloom in the spring. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Children's Garden: Growing Food in the City

Carole Lexa Schaefer
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Sch)

Youngsters explore the sights, smells, sensations, and tastes of growing their own food in a community garden. Recommended for ages 3–6.

The Curious Garden

Peter Brown
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Bro)

Liam discovers a hidden garden and with careful tending, spreads color throughout the gray city. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Dig In!

Cynthia Jenson-Elliott
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Jen)

A little boy digs, plays, and explores in his garden. Recommended for ages 3–6.

First Peas to the Table

Susan Grigsby
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Gri)

Maya and other students in Ms. Hopkins' class study techniques used by Thomas Jefferson as they grow pea plants and compete to see whose will produce a bowl full of peas first. Includes an afterword about Jefferson. Recommended for ages 6–9.


Anna Walker
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Wal)

When Mae’s family moves from the country to the city, she is sad to leave behind her beloved backyard garden. Before long, she finds a way to start a new garden. Recommended for ages 3–6.

The Forever Garden

Laurel Snyder
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Sny)

Each day, rain or shine, Honey works in her garden, and each day, the little girl who lives next door is right by Honey's side. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Gardening Projects for Kids

Jenny Hendy
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Hen)

Fantastic ideas for making things, growing plants and flowers and attracting wildlife, with 60 practical projects. Recommended for ages 6–9.

In the Garden with Dr. Carver

Susan Grigsby
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Gri)

A fictionalized account of how plant scientist George Washington Carver came to an Alabama school and taught the children how to grow plants and reap the rewards of nature's bounty.  Recommended for ages 6–9.

Let’s Garden: A Step-By-Step Introduction

Clara Lidstrom
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Lid)

With colorful drawings and photographs, this book gives step-by-step instructions on a variety of gardening and planting projects. Recommended for ages 6–9.

Lola Plants a Garden

Anna McQuinn
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mcq)

Lola plants a flower garden with her parent's help, and watches it grow. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Ojiichan's Gift

Chieri Uegaki
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Ueg)

A young girl finds a way to give the gift of a traditional Japanese garden back to her beloved grandfather when the family must accept a difficult change. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Plant a Little Seed

Bonnie Christensen
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Chr)

Two friends plant seeds in their community garden, then water, weed, wait, and dream as the plants grow until they can be harvested. Includes facts about gardening and harvest festivals. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Plant the Tiny Seed

Christie Matheson
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Mat)

Plant a seed to watch it grow. Press on the cloud to make it rain. Jiggle the book to scatter the seeds. Interactive text teaches very young children how flowers sprout and mature. Recommended for ages 3–6.

The Ugly Vegetables

Grace Lin
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Lin)

A little girl thinks her mother's garden is the ugliest in the neighborhood, until she discovers that flowers might look and smell pretty, but Chinese vegetable soup smells the best of all. Recommended for ages 3–6.

We Are the Gardeners

Joanna Gaines
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Gaines)

A young family learns to grow a garden, describing how they prepared the soil, watered their plants, dealt with the animals who invaded their garden, and how all their hard work finally paid off as they harvested vegetables and flowers. Recommended for ages 3–6.

What's in the Garden?

Marianne Berkes
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Ber)

Guess what vegetable or fruit this is, growing in the garden! Learn more about it, plus how to eat it in a simple recipe. Recommended for ages 6–9.

Yucky Worms

Vivian French
(Juvenile Picture Books - Ej Fre)

While helping Grandma in the garden, a child learns about the important role of the earthworm in helping plants grow. Recommended for ages 3–6.

Older Elementary
101 Kid-Friendly Plants

Cindy Krezel
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Kre)

This book describes fun plants and family garden projects. Recommended for ages 8–12.

Dig In!: 12 Easy Gardening Projects Using Kitchen Scraps

Kari A. Cornell
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 635 Cor)

This large-format book shows kids how they can use kitchen cast-offs to grow new food. Recommended for ages 8–12.

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table

Jacqueline Briggs Martin
(Juvenile Nonfiction - J 921 Allen Mar)

The story of former basketball star and current urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, whose vision of gardening from abandoned urban sites led to a grassroots feeding craze. Recommended for ages 8–12.