Echo Park

Michael Connelly
MYS Connell

Eleven years after his investigation into the disappearance of Marie Gesto goes cold, Harry Bosch finally gets a chance to solve the case when a man accused of two brutal killings agrees to come clean about others.

Gone Baby Gone

Dennis Lehane
MYS Lehane

Boston private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro delve into the disappearance of a four-year-old girl, involving a strangely cool mother, a pedophiliac couple, and a shadowy police unit.

Last Dance: a Novel of the 87th Precinct

Ed McBain
MYS Mcbain

The hanging death of a nondescript old man in a shabby apartment in a meager section of the 87th Precinct was nothing surprising. But everyone has a story, and this old man's story stood to make some people a lot of money.

The Last Detective

Robert Crais
MYS Crais

When the son of his long-time girlfriend goes missing, Elvis Cole finds himself haunted by his personal demons, the dark secrets of his childhood, and long-supressed memories of his service in Vietnam.

Little Scarlet

Walter Mosley
MYS Mosley

When a man who fled the 1965 Watts riots is suspected of killing a woman in a nearby apartment building, Easy Rawlins begins a murder investigation and learns that the case has racial origins.

Pain Management

Andrew Vachss
MYS Vachss

Burke, thug with a heart of gold, guardian angel of victimized women and children, resurfaces in Portland, Oregon, after an assassin left him for dead in New York. He's living from hand to mouth when he stumbles into a missing-child case. Burke suspects parental involvement in the disappearance of young teen Rosa, but nothing supports the theory. The trail leads first to Portland's red light district, where he hears about a serial killer whom the cops seem unwilling or unable to catch, and then to a deadly conspiracy involving illicit prescription drugs being peddled to victims of AIDS, MS, and cancer. This latest Burke novel once again addresses the series' common themes: personal isolation, distrust of authority, and the shameless exploitation of the defenseless by the powerful. Sometimes the exploiters are organized criminals, and sometimes they are cops; in this case, it's the medical establishment. Burke's world is harsh and unforgiving, but so is Burke. It's a match made in hell, and a growing contingent of dedicated noir fans wouldn't want it any other way.

Paper Doll

Robert B Parker
MYS Parker

A Spenser novel which takes the PI to South Carolina to investigate a wife's murder and leads him into the confidence of a powerful senator.

Tonight I Said Goodbye

Michael Koryta
MYS Koryta

The first in the Lincoln Perry series by Bloomington author Michael Koryta, this novel was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. John Weston hires partners Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard to investigate both the death of his son, Wayne, in an incident the cops have ruled a suicide, and the disappearance of Wayne's wife and young daughter. Perry and Pritchard soon determine that Wayne was working for Jeremiah Hubbard, "Cleveland's answer to Donald Trump," in a series of surveillance jobs that brought him into contact with Russian mobsters. The cat-and-mouse game shifts to South Carolina, as Perry noses around a Myrtle Beach resort where Hartwick had worked security, only to stumble into Wayne's daughter and wife.Julie Weston reveals that she has a videotape her husband made of the mobsters committing a murder, and soon they're both in danger when the Russians come looking for the tape.


Lee Child

Viet Nam vet and free-lance investigator Jack Reacher is tracked down by an investigator who is later murdered. Reacher determines to find out who was looking for him and why.