Libraries Rock!—Americana

Libraries Rock!—Americana

Americana music is that big basket we throw everything that doesn't fit neatly into a rock/country/folk category. Americana as literature, however, is that big basket where we throw quintessential American stories.

Dust Bowl Girls : the inspiring story of the team that barnstormed its way to basketball glory

Lydia Reeder
796.3236 Ree

At the height of the Great Depression, Sam Babb, the charismatic basketball coach of tiny Oklahoma Presbyterian College, wanted a reason to have hope. Traveling from farm to farm, he recruited talented, hardworking young women and offered them a chance at a better life: a free college education if they would come play for his basketball team, the Cardinals. Despite their fears of leaving home and the sacrifices faced by their families, the women followed Babb. He shaped the Cardinals into a formidable team, and something extraordinary began to happen: with passion for the game and heartfelt loyalty to one another and their coach, they won every game. Dust Bowl Girls conveys the intensity of an improbable journey to an epic showdown with the prevailing national champions, helmed by the legendary Babe Didrikson. And it captures a moment in American sports history when a visionary coach helped his young athletes achieve more than a winning season.

Earl Scruggs :Banjo Icon

Gordon Castelnero
780.92 Scruggs Cas

Earl Scruggs chronicles the life and legacy of the man who revolutionized the five-string banjo and left an indelible mark on bluegrass and folk music. Including interviews with the Scruggs family and more than 60 notable musicians, this narrative biography testifies to Scruggs’s enduring influence and sheds light on the history of bluegrass.

Empty Mansions: the mysterious life of Huguette Clark and the spending of a great American fortune

Bill Dedman, Paul Clark Newell, Jr.
921 Clark Ded

When Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bill Dedman noticed a property listing for a grand estate that had been unoccupied for nearly sixty years, he stumbled into one of the most surprising American stories of recent times. At its heart is a reclusive 104-year-old heiress named Huguette Clark. Empty Mansions reveals a complete picture of the enigmatic heiress to one of the greatest fortunes in American history, a woman who had not been photographed in public since the 1920s. Though she owned three palatial homes in California, New York, and Connecticut, they sat vacant while she lived out her final two decades in a New York City hospital room, despite being in excellent health. The Clark family story takes the reader nearly the entire span of American history in just three generations.

Indiana Across the Land

Lee Mandrell, DeeDee Niederhouse-Mandrell
977.2002 Man

This book take readers on a photographic journey around the Hoosier state. Over the seasons, down windswept dunes, over creeks and chasms, past lighthouses and barns--you'll see landmarks and natural wonders both well-known and rarely glimpsed.

Janesville: an American story

Amy Goldstein
330.973 Gol

This is the story of what happens to an industrial town in the American heartland when its factory stills--but it's not the familiar tale. Most observers record the immediate shock of vanished jobs, but few stay around long enough to notice what happens next, when a community with a can-do spirit tries to pick itself up. Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Goldstein spent years immersed in Janesville, Wisconsin- Paul Ryan’s hometown- where the nation's oldest operating General Motors plant shut down in the midst of the Great Recession, two days before Christmas of 2008. Now, with intelligence, sympathy, and insight into what connects and divides people in an era of economic upheaval, she makes one of America's biggest political issues human. Her reporting takes the reader deep into the lives of autoworkers, educators, bankers, politicians, and job re-trainers to show why it's so hard in the twenty-first century to recreate a healthy, prosperous working class.

The Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump: essays and reportage, 1994-2017

Martin Amis
824.914 Ami

A scintillating collection of essays, reportage and criticism by one of most provocative and widely read novelists of our time, with new commentary by the author. For decades now, Martin Amis has turned his keen intellect and unrivaled prose loose on an astonishing range of topics--politics, sports, celebrity, America, and, of course, literature. Over twenty years' worth of these incomparable essays are gathered together here, ranging from Bellow and Nabokov to Roth, DeLillo, Philip Larkin and Jane Austen; from such peculiar worlds as Las Vegas and the pornography business to figures including Princess Diana, John Travolta and Christopher Hitchens. And running through The Rub of Time is politics, whether in Trump-era America, Britain, Iran, Colombia or elsewhere. From the earliest pieces to the most recent, this is Martin Amis at his prime: brilliant, incisive and savagely funny.

Secrets of the Secret Service : the history and uncertain future of the U.S. Secret Service

Gary Byrne
363.283 Byr

This title is a unique, behind-the-scenes look at what makes the Secret Service tick and the increasingly reactive strategies and tactics that place presidential security at risk. The agency is tasked with one of the world's most important missions: protecting the President of the United States. But unbeknownst to most Americans, that legacy faces a great risk today. The agency today is fraught with management problems thanks to years of increased politicization. The author, a former Secret Service officer, reveals the agency's evolution, the key players, forces and dramatic shifts that have made it what it is today - an elite but troubled protection force. Secrets of the Secret Service shares action-packed stories from the agency's past, covering key moments of American history you only think you know about, and how the Secret Service's untenable downward spiral is set to repeat some of American history's darkest days.

Unbelievable: my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history

Katy Tur
324.973 Tur

Called "disgraceful," "third-rate," and "not nice" by Donald Trump, NBC News correspondent Katy Tur reported on—and took flak from—the most captivating and volatile presidential candidate in American history. Tur lived out of a suitcase for a year and a half, following Trump around the country, visiting forty states. She documented Trump’s inconsistencies, fact-checked his falsities, and called him out on his lies. In return, Trump repeatedly singled out Tur. He tried to charm her, intimidate her, and shame her. At one point, he got a crowd so riled up against her, Secret Service agents had to walk her to her car. Unbelievable is Tur’s darkly comic, fascinatingly bizarre, and often scary story of how America sent a former reality show host to the White House. It’s also the story of what it was like for Tur to be there as it happened, inside a no-rules world where reporters were spat on, demeaned, and discredited. Tur was a foreign correspondent who came home to her most foreign story of all.

The Warmth of Other Suns: the epic story of America's great migration

Isabel Wilkerson
641.5973 Loh

The United States boasts a culturally and ethnically diverse population which makes for a continually changing culinary landscape. But a young historical gastronomist named Sarah Lohman discovered that American food is united by eight flavors: black pepper, vanilla, curry powder, chili powder, soy sauce, garlic, MSG, and Sriracha. In Eight Flavors, Lohman sets out to explore how these influential ingredients made their way to the American table. Eight Flavors introduces the explorers, merchants, botanists, farmers, writers, and chefs whose choices came to define the American palate.