How march became madness : how the NCAA tournament became the greatest sporting event in America

Einhorn, Eddie
796.323 Ei

Told through the voices of players, coaches, and announcers, accounts the first primetime telecast of a college basketball game, Houston versus UCLA in the Astrodome in 1968, and includes a DVD of the historic game.

	 March 1939 : before the madness : the story of the first NCAA Basketball Tournament champions

Frei, Terry
796.3236 Fre

Traces the story of the groundbreaking eight-team tournament organized by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, chronicling major events, the experiences of the tournament's winning team and the contributions of basketball innovator James Naismith against a backdrop of early World War II conflicts.

Finding Ireland: a poet's explorations of Irish literature and culture

Tillinghast, Richard
820.9941 Til

Richard Tillinghast, a celebrated American poet and critic, lived for a year in Ireland in the early 1990s and then returned each year until he became a resident in 2005. From an insider/outsider perspective, he writes vividly and evocatively about the land and people of his adopted home, its culture, its literature, and its long, complex history.

Fluffy's spring vacation

McMullan, Kate

Fluffy the class guinea pig must deal with the unwanted attention of two cats, a visit to the hair salon, and a trip to the airport when he goes home with Emma for spring break.

Ireland: in word and image

Adlersberg, Jay Ben
914.15 Adl

Beyond the green land, the pubs and the auburn hair, is a rich culture dating back nine thousand years, including invasions by just about every nation in Northern Europe. The Irish have survived as a people, perhaps because of the genetics of hope, the richness of tale-telling and laughter, and the scent of peat in the air

Spring break

Applegate, Katherine
Y Applega

Summer can't wait to escape the blizzards of Minnesota and head back to the sunny Florida beaches for spring break. She'll be reunited with her best friends, Diana and Marquez, but more important, she'll be alone with her sweet-as-can-be boyfriend, Seth, for an entire week.

Spring break

Perrin, Kayla

Their trip to Artula started the way any trip should, but Chanetelle and her friends find their vacation in jeopardy when old rivalries and new jealousies come to light as the week passes.

Spring breakdown

Carlson, Melody
Y Carlson

The wealthy fashion students in Mrs. Carter's boardinghouse spend a quiet spring break in Florida until the boys from Crescent Cove arrive and heiress Eliza goes missing.

Spring breakup

Harrison, Emma
J Mary So Har

Chloe and Riley Carlson look forward to spring break, when they hope to get on the set of a dance party television show, but Chloe finds it hard to like Riley's boyfriend, Charlie, who has a mean way of teasing her.

St. Patrick's Day

Margaret, Amy
J 394.2623 Mar

A color-illustrated overview of the Irish holiday honoring Saint Patrick.

St. Patrick's Day crafts

Gnojewski, Carol
J 745.5941 Gn

Provides information about the origin and customs of St. Patrick's Day, ideas for celebrating this holiday, and directions for making crafts.

The wearing of the green : a history of St. Patrick's Day

Cronin, Mike
394.2623 Cr

The full history of St. Patrick's day is captured here for the first time in The Wearing of the Green.

Why Indiana Is The Center Of The Basketball World

Ludlow, Michael G.
IND 796.323 Lud

The image of a basketball goal on every garage, barn or any other place you can put one (including the governor's residence) is based, as most legends are, on a ring of truth. Indiana has always been basketball crazy.