New Romance Books

Accidentally on Purpose

Jill Shalvis
Adult Fiction – Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay novels

Unwilling to commit to a career woman who loves him but unable to stand her dating anyone else, a man who has forfeited his job in law enforcement sabotages her dates before realizing that he must prove himself.

As You Wish

Jude Deveraux
Adult Fiction – Deverau
Series: Summerhouse Novels

Gathering in a house in Summer Hill, Virginia, to support one another through marital woes, three women from different generations reflect on their experiences with estrangement, expectation and infidelity while resolving to pursue life on their own terms. 

Bad Bachelor

Stefanie London
Adult Fiction – London
Series: Bad Bachelors

Tattooed librarian Darcy Greer, while trying to get the funding her library desperately needs, gets a sizeable donation from PR whiz Reed McMahon who, ranked number one on the Bad Bachelors app, is trying to change his image—and who could just be the man both the library and she needs. 

Best Laid Plans

Brenda Jackson
Adult Fiction – Jackson
Series: Madaris Family Novels

When his great-grandmother fixes him up with straight-laced businesswoman Ivy Chapman, notorious ladies' man Nolan Madaris agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend to satisfy both of their families.

The Duchess Deal

Tessa Dare
Adult Fiction – Dare
Series: Girl Meets Duke

After returning from war, the Duke of Ashbury decides he needs an heir and offers a marriage proposal to a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress who happens to be in his library wearing a wedding gown. 

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon

Kerrelyn Sparks
Adult Fiction – Sparks
Series: The Embraced

Thrust into the realm of the dragons, Gwennore, an Elf with healing abilities, discovers a place of power and magic, plagued by an ancient curse, where she makes a deal with the devil in the form of General Silas Dravenko.

An Extraordinary Union

Alyssa Cole
Adult Fiction – Cole
Series: Loyal League

During the Civil War, two undercover agents, Elle Burns, a former slave, and Malcolm McCall, a detective in Pinkertons Secret Service, uncover a plot that could lead to a Confederate victory and vow to preserve the Union at any cost.

The Family Gathering

Robyn Carr
Adult Fiction – Carr
Series: Sullivan's Crossing

After leaving the military, Dakota Jones visits Sullivan's Crossing to clear his head before moving on to his next adventure, but as he spends time with his siblings and becomes drawn to the simple way of life there, he finds the home and family he has always wanted.


Beverly Jenkins
Adult Fiction – Jenkins

Rhine Fontaine is building the successful life he's always wanted--one that depends upon him passing for White, but after rescuing the beautiful Eddy Carmichael, he wishes, for the first time in years, that he could step out from behind the facade.

Her Perfect Affair

Priscilla Oliveras
Adult Fiction – Olivera
Series: Matched to Perfection

When her simple fling with Jeremy Taylor, the man on whom she has had a secret crush for years, turns into something more, threatening everything they’ve both worked for, librarian Rosa Fernandez must decide what is more important—her career or a love to last a lifetime.

Herons Landing

JoAnn Ross
Adult Fiction – Ross
Series: Honeymoon Landing

Brianna leaves her Las Vegas concierge job and returns home to quaint, scenic Honeymoon Harbor, where she reconnects with her best friend's widower and asks for his help in renovating her historic home into a bed and breakfast. 

High Voltage

Karen Marie Moning
Adult Fiction – Moning
Series: Fever Novels

With catastrophic magic seeping into the earth, Dani O'Malley teams up with immortal Ryodan to save the world, but she may have to pay an unspeakable price for the power to save mankind. 

It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover
Adult Fiction – Hoover

After building what should be a perfect life with neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, Lily finds herself in a troubled relationship with an abusive husband and must make a decision about her future, as she reencounters Atlas Corrigan, a man with links to her past.

The Kiss Quotient

Helen Hoang
Adult Fiction – Hoang

A 30-year-old math whiz with Asperger's tries to make her love life as rich as her career by hiring an escort to help her with her lack of knowledge and experience in the dating department. 

Love and Other Words

Christina Lauren
Adult Fiction – Lauren

Macy Sorensen has decided to settle, and is planning her marriage to an older man, until she bumps into Elliot Petropoulos—her first and most intense love, who eventually broke her heart—sending her reeling into reminiscence—and doubt.

My Oxford Year

Julia Whelan
Adult Fiction – Whelan

Offered a fantastic job in a rising star's political campaign on condition that she will work abroad and return to Washington after spending a dream year at Oxford, Ella clashes with, and then falls for, an outspoken literature professor with a life-changing secret that forces her to rethink her ambitions.

The Other Lady Vanishes

Amanda Quick
Adult Fiction – Quick
Series: Rachel Alexander and Dash Mysteries

Escaping from a private sanitarium and taking a job at an herbal tea shop in a 1930s California seaside resort town, Adelaide bonds with a man hiding under the cover of a therapy-seeking widower before a local con artist is murdered, drawing them both into a shadowy underground of duplicity and misdirection.

A Princess in Theory

Alyssa Cole
Adult Fiction – Cole
Series: Reluctant Royals

Mistaken by his betrothed as a pauper instead of a prince, Prince Thabiso, the sole heir to the throne of Thesolo, decides to keep his real identity a secret as he experiences life and love with Naledi Smith.

Promise Not to Tell

Jayne Ann Krentz
Adult Fiction – Krentz

After one of her artists sends her a painting before apparently taking her own life, Seattle gallery owner Virginia teams with private investigator Cabot to catch the true killer and uncover the truth about the cult they were a part of as children.

Public Relations

Katie Heaney
Adult Fiction – Heaney

Publicist Rose Reed sets up a staged romance to help the career of client Archie Fox, a British singer-songwriter, but when she and Archie feel a mutual attraction, Rose has to decide if she is willing to risk jeopardizing her own career. 

The River House

Carla Neggers
Adult Fiction – Neggers
Series: Swift River Valley

Hired to organize an entrepreneurial boot camp, a successful party planner reconnects with a childhood friend who has become a high-flying businessman and whose professional ambitions complicate their growing bond.

Shadow Rider

Christine Feehan
Adult Fiction – Feehan
Series: Shadow Series

Gifted with the ability to manipulate light and dark, shadow rider Stefano Ferraro, the head of a Chicago crime family, meets his match in Francesca Cappello, a mysterious—and dangerously beautiful—woman whose powers rival his own.

Shelter in Place

Nora Roberts
Adult Fiction – Roberts

A group of survivors navigate trauma and recovery challenges in the aftermath of a mass shooting at a movie theater, an event that inspires a career in law enforcement, triggers devastating PTSD and gives way to an escaped killer's plot to orchestrate an event with an even higher death toll.

Too Wilde to Wed

Eloisa James
Adult Fiction – James
Series: Wildes of Lindow Castle

Returning home from war only to discover that the ton has labeled him “too wild to wed,” Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde is determined to prove them wrong as he sets out to win the heart of Miss Diana Belgrave, the woman who jilted him two years earlier.

The Wedding Date

Jasmine Guillory
Adult Fiction – Guillor

Stranded together in an elevator during a power outage, Drew and Alexa agree to pose as a couple at an ex's wedding and discover afterwards that they are unable to forget each other.

Wicked Abyss

Kresley Cole
Adult Fiction – Cole
Series: Immortals After Dark

Millennia after being cursed by a treacherous fey beauty who died before he could exact revenge, Sian is transformed into a demonic beast at the same time the fey is reincarnated, a transformation that prompts him to take her prisoner in his mystical castle.