New Thrillers

Agent in Place

Mark Greaney
Adult Fiction – Greaney
Series: Gray Man Thrillers

Taking a contract to abduct the mistress of a Syrian dictator to obtain any information she may possess, Court Gentry learns that the woman has given birth to the dictator's only son and that in order to secure her cooperation, he must retrieve the childsafely out of Syria. 

Barbed Wire Heart

Tess Sharpe
Adult Fiction – Sharpe

The only child of a murderous gun runner and meth cooker is targeted by a rival family and resolves to survive and protect the people she loves by taking down her father and their enemies by blowing up their meth labs, one by one.

Before the Fall

Noah Hawley
Adult Fiction – Hawley

The stories of ten wealthy victims of a plane crash intertwine with those of a down-on-his-luck painter and a four-year-old boy, the tragedy's only survivors, as odd coincidences surrounding the crash point to a possible conspiracy.

The Blinds

Adam Sternbergh
Adult Fiction – Sternbe

Helping maintain an uneasy peace in a rural Texas community of criminal misfits who were given a chance at a new life after having their memories altered, sheriff Calvin Cooper struggles with personal secrets in the wake of a suicide and murder.

The Bomb Maker

Thomas Perry
Adult Fiction – Perry

When half of the entire LAPD Bomb Squad is obliterated by an explosion, the unit turns to Dick Stahl to put an end to the bomb-building mastermind who is funded by a shadowy organization intent on destroying the Bomb Squad itself. 

Final Girls

Riley Sager
Adult Fiction – Sager

Emerging a lone survivor of a serial killer's massacre a decade earlier, a former college student struggles to ignore traumatic memories and move on as one of a group of other survivors who look to her for answers when one of them is found dead in a suspicious suicide.

Gale Force

Owen Laukkanen
Adult Fiction – Laukkan

After witnessing her father's death in a maritime accident and becoming the captain of a salvage boat, McKenna and her crew take a job helping a freighter only to discover that it contains cargo that is being targeted by enemies. 

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Philip Kerr
Adult Fiction – Kerr
Series: A Bernie Gunther Novel

Working undercover in 1956 Munich, Bernie Gunther investigates a murder with ties to Nazi plunder that prompts his collaboration with a lieutenant who has been looking for an opportunity to bring a killer to justice.

Grist Mill Road

Christopher J. Yates
Adult Fiction – Yates

Years after three friends from an idyllic hamlet 90 miles north of New York City are bound and then separated by a devastating, seemingly senseless crime, the trio revisits their painful pasts in even more traumatizing ways.

How It Happened

Michael Koryta
Adult Fiction – Koryta

After a troubled teen, no stranger to the law, admits to her involvement in a brutal murder, Rob Barrett, an FBI investigator and interrogator stakes his reputation on her confession only to have the information she provided prove false.

I Know a Secret

Tess Gerritsen
Adult Fiction – Gerrits

Investigating the death of a horror film producer whose murder scene has been gruesomely staged, detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are baffled by an apparent lack of a cause of death, a case that is further complicated by a second, equally bizarre murder.

Ill Will

Dan Chaon
Adult Fiction – Chaon

Psychologist Dustin Tillman is unwittingly embroiled in two spectacular unsolved murders, three decades apart, when his foster brother, who had been convicted of killing their family years earlier, is exonerated, making him question the testimony that led to the conviction.

Into the Water

Paula Hawkins
Adult Fiction – Hawkins

When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history involving human instincts and the damage they can inflict. 

The Kremlin's Candidate

Jason Matthews
Adult Fiction – Matthew
Series: Dominika Egorova and Nathaniel Nash Novels

Overhearing a Kremlin plot to install a spy in a high intelligence position so that the Russians can identify CIA assets in Moscow, Dominika Egorova launches a desperate mole hunt, only to be exposed and arrested.

The Lost Ones

Sheena Kamal
Adult Fiction – Kamal

Contacted by the desperate adoptive parents of the child she gave up 15 years earlier, Nora teams up with her mutt companion and embarks on a search through the streets of Vancouver, only become enmeshed in a puzzling conspiracy.

The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping

Keigo Higashino
Adult Fiction – Higashi

Down on his luck after being betrayed by the owner of his new company, Sakuma, a high-profile ad agent, uncovers a dark secret about his rival in this new mystery by the author of Journey Under the Midnight Sun.

The Night Market

Jonathan Moore
Adult Fiction – Moore
Series: San Francisco Novels

Investigating a crime scene in a luxurious city home where a victim's body has been contaminated by an unknown substance, Inspector Ross Carver is confronted by FBI agents and awakens in his bed under the care of a neighbor who tells him a suspicious story about what happened.

Parting Shot

Linwood Barclay
Adult Fiction – Barclay
Series: Promise Falls

After a drunk man steals a Porsche and hits and kills a girl in Promise Falls, Cal Weaver is asked to investigate the threats being made to the accused's family.

The Perfect Mother

Aimee Molloy
Adult Fiction – Molloy

A group of new moms who all gave birth in the month of May gather twice weekly at the park to offer support and companionship before one of the babies is shatteringly abducted, subjecting his traumatized mother to invasive questions and prompting the others to go to increasingly risky lengths to help.

The Pharaoh Key

Douglas J. Preston
Adult Fiction – Preston
Series: A Gideon Crew Novel

When his former employer goes missing, Gideon Crew, reeling from his terminal diagnosis, pursues the long-awaited translation of the Phaistos Disc, an ancient tablet that could end or save his life.

Rip Crew

Sebastian Rotella
Adult Fiction – Rotella
Series: Valentine Pescatore Novels

Investigating the brutal murder of a group of women found in a hotel room, former U.S. Border Patrol agent Valentine Pescatore discovers that the killings are related to a brutal agenda to eliminate a witness at any cost. 

Something in the Water

Catherine Steadman
Adult Fiction – Steadma

A shocking discovery while on their honeymoon in Bora Bora forces Mark and Erin to make a dangerous choice between speaking out or protecting their secret. 


Laura Lippman
Adult Fiction – Lippman

A pair of travelers, one of whom may be playing a dangerous psychological game with the other, embark on a steamy summertime affair that is thrown into chaos by dark secrets and a suspicious death, in a story inspired by the classics of James M. Cain.


Christine Mangan
Adult Fiction – Mangan

Arriving in Tangier with her new husband only to encounter the estranged best friend she has not seen in more than a year, Alice allows her friend to introduce her to the rhythms and culture of Morocco, only to be quickly stifled by the woman's controlling nature.

Under the Harrow

Flynn Berry
Adult Fiction – Berry

After arriving in London to discover that her sister has been brutally murdered, Nora unravels the mystery, uncovering a side of her sibling that was mired in secrets and danger and putting her own life at risk.

Underground Airlines

Ben H. Winters
Adult Fiction – Winters

A tale set in a modern America where the Civil War never happened and the country has forged a dubious agreement with four states that still enforce slavery follows the experiences of a talented black bounty hunter who makes discoveries about his mysterious past while infiltrating an abolitionist group to catch a high-profile runaway.

What Remains of Me

Alison Gaylin
Adult Fiction – Gaylin

After serving time for the murder of an Oscar-nominated director when she was still a teen, Kelly Michelle Lund is suspected in another, similar murder, 35 years after being released, and must work to clear her name. 

You Will Know Me

Megan Abbott
Adult Fiction – Abbott

When a violent death rocks her close-knit gymnastics community weeks before an important competition, the mother of an Olympics hopeful works frantically to hold her family together in spite of being irresistibly drawn to the crime.