By definition, a nonprofit is formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit other than the purpose of accumulation of profits for owners or investors. Nonprofits exist to have impact on the community and the folks it serves.   This last year nonprofits have stepped up in a big way  amidst overwhelming demands and deceased funding. This book list will give you an idea about the work nonprofits do and how you can be involved as a volunteer, board member or by starting your own nonprofit. 

Compiled by:
Bobby O.
101 biggest mistakes nonprofits make and how you can avoid them

Olsen, Andrew
Ind 658.1522 Ols

Everyone makes mistakes in the nonprofit world. The author outlines the most common mistakes nonprofits make and outlines a plan to help you avoid making them. 

From the Ground Up: Digital Fundraising for Nonprofits

Warner, Brock
IND 361.7 War

Digital fundraising can be intimidating and overwhelming but this handy little book outlines easy-to-use methods for bringing your nonprofit's digital fundraising up to speed. 

A guide to nonprofit board success : answering the call of leadership

Jarboe, Cynthia,
IND 658.422 Jar

A great book for those looking to serve on a board or those already serving. Outlines best practices for board members with chapters on board meetings, fundraising, financial statements and staff versus board roles. 

How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days

Campbell, Julia
IND 658.872 Cam

Social media is important to nonprofits but can be overwhelming. The author explains how to use social media to reach the right people, inspire folks to donate and support your organization and you will learn how to spread your message and engage more people without being stressed at the prospect. 

Individual Volunteers to Groups = Funding

Penn, Jason
IND 658.1522 Pen

This book outlines a quick way for development staff to become successful in raising funds and increasing their teams of volunteers. 



Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits are Messy

Garry, Joan
IND 658.4 Gar

Engaging book with great advice from Garry who in her tenure as executive director, led GLAAD from messy to thriving. The organization had become stable, effective, and most importantly, impactful

Garry has played every position on the nonprofit field, from a client to a donor to an executive director to a board member, and now, a consultant and educator and brings her vast experience to play in this title for nonprofit staff, board members and volunteers. 

Magnetic Nonprofit: Attract and Retain Donors, Volunteers, and Staff

Reis, Jeremy.
IND 658.15224 Rei

How do you retain donors? How do you bring  in new supporters? In this book you will learn from the experience of other nonprofit leaders how to attract and keep donors, volunteers and staff. 

No More "Duct Tape Fundraising": A Nonprofit Leaders Guide to Raising More Money

Ramjattan, Rachel
Ind 658.048 Ram

Reliable streams of funding is essential to keep nonprofits programs running. The author outlines an easy approach to building reliable revenue streams and  consistent donors. Topics include  getting your board on board, delighting your donors, writing a compelling case for support and making the ask.

Nonprofit Accounting for Volunteers, Treasurers, and Bookkeepers

London, Lisa
IND 658.152 Lon

Accounting for  a nonprofit can be scary and confusing especially for those with little or no experience. This title is the  quintessential step-by-step guide to creating and operating a solid and reliable bookkeeping system, relaying must-know information to board members and avoiding unnecessary attention from the IRS. This handy reference guide explains nonprofit accounting in digestible bites. 

Nonprofit meetings, minutes, & records : how to run your nonprofit corporation so you don't run into trouble

Mancuso, Anthony,
IND 658.048 Man

Making sure your nonprofit is keeping good records and minutes and running your meetings correctly is vital to making sure your nonprofit stays on track and doesn't get into trouble. The author addresses topics on obtaining board or member-approval-meetings and written consents, big day-holding your meeting and how to understand and organize your records. 

Start something that matters

Mycoskie, Blake.
658.408 Myc

  Know as the founder of TOMS and as a contestant on The Amazing Race, Mycoskie writes from the heart and shares examples from TOMS and other businesses that he has started--both positive and negative and tells you what he has learned from his mistakes as well as his successes. The chapters are streamlined but still with enough examples to get his point across.  For those interested in nonprofits, social enterprise or who just want to become inspired. 



Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

Pakroo, Peri
IND 658.048 Pak

Practical advice on forming your nonprofit, budgets, building a website, social media recruiting board members and developing a strategic plan. A good place to start when thinking of forming a nonprofit. 



Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success

Ierardi, Lynn Malzone
IND 658.1522 Ier

For a nonprofit getting their story out to folks is a major component of finding donors, supporters and volunteers in their community. This book  blends the latest science with the author's extensive experience to show readers how stories facilitate fundraising. People want to help and want to give and a good story can make that happen. 

Thirst  A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World

Harrison, Scott
361.74 Har

Inspirational title written by the founder of the nonprofit charity:water readers will be taken on an inspirational journey through the author's life and finding his true passion. 

Trust First: A True Story About the Power of Giving People Second Chances

Deel, Bruce
362.5575 Dee

Read about the nonprofit organization City of Refuge located in Atlanta, Georgia whose principals are founded on radical trust. An inspiring read about serving marginalized communities by extending trust even if that trust was violated many times.