Planning takes time and effort, but is more efficient and enduring.

The Berenstain bears and the messy room

Stan Berenstain
Ej Ber

The entire Bear family becomes involved in an attempt to clean and organize the cubs' messy room.


Leo Lionni
Ej Li

Frederick the field mouse sat on the old stone wall while his four brothers gathered food for the approaching winter days. The other mice felt that Frederick was not doing his share of the work, but when the food ran out, Frederick saved the day with what he had gathered.

The Philharmonic gets dressed

Karla Kuskin
Ej Ku

The 105 members of the Philharmonic Orchestra get ready for a performance.


Mark Teague
Ej Tea

When Wendell doesn't clean up his room, a whole herd of pigs comes to live with him.

The seven Chinese sisters

Kathy Tucker
Ej Tu

When a dragon snatches the youngest of seven talented Chinese sisters, the other six come to her rescue.

The swing

Joe Cepeda
Ej Cep

When Josey uses the new swing attached to the tree in her messy yard, she retrieves all the things her parents thought they had lost over the years, including Leopoldo, their dog.

Thunder cake

Patricia Polacco
Ej Po

Grandma finds a way to dispel her grandchild's fear of thunderstorms.

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen

Dyanne DiSalvo
Ej Di

A boy spends the day with Uncle Willie in the soup kitchen where he works preparing and serving food for the hungry.