Reading Is Delicious

 Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Aimee Bender

A curse or a gift?  On the eve of her birthday 9 year old Rose discovers she now has the ability to taste people’s emotions.  A delicious bite of her Mother’s lemon-chocolate cake tastes of depression and despair.  Heartbreaking and funny, wise and sad – food will never be quite the same.

 When In Doubt, Add Butter

Beth Harbison

In life all you need is a little hope, a lot of courage and yes – some butter.  Thirty-seven year old Gemma is certain her life has turned out fine.  She has her own business working as a private chef and with six clients she is busy and secure.  When the unexpected happens, new directions and expectations appear.  This cheerful engaging story is delicious – just like dessert.

The All You Can Dream Buffet: A novel

Barbara O’Neal

Tech world and old world meet to create absorbing, lovingly created characters.  The Queen blogger for Lavender Honey Organic Farms is determined that her life’s work and heart will be a continuing legacy.  Romance and the healing power of nature and community make this a pleasure.

Angelina’s Bachelors: A novel with food

Brian O’Reilly

Everyone knows how important it is to have family dinners together.  What is amazing is for strangers to come together to eat and become family.  Tragedy in her life forces a young widow to use cooking as a way to heal herself and finds that in the process food can have magical properties.  It is not just for the body but for the mind and emotions as well.

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

Sarah Kate Lynch

Colorful cast of quirky characters and a question of who is helping whom.  Cows, cheesemakers, pregnant teens, burned out stockbrokers combine in an irresistible tale of spilled milk making the best cheese.

Catering To Nobody

Diane Mott Davidson
MYS Davidson
Series: Goldly Bear Mysteries

The first in a mystery series  with comfortable characters and comfort foods.  Just a taste of some of the titles make for a delicious exercise: Crunch Time, Dying For Chocolate, Cereal Murders or The Whole Enchilada are a few of the titles starring caterer and super sleuth Goldy Shulz.  Cozy, who-dun-its, you can’t read just one!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Joanne Fluke
MYS Fluke


The first in a sweet tasting mystery series featuring bakery owner Hannah Swensen.  Cream Puff Murder, Plum Pudding Murder, Carrot Cake Murder etc.  You get the idea.  Not recommended for the diabetic but the stories and recipes are cozily enjoyable.

Five Quarters Of The Orange

Joanne Harris

Living in German-occupied French village during World War II unfolds a chilling tale told from a 9-year old child’s point of view and then as a returning 60-year old woman.  The exquisite and beautiful writing intensifies the horribleness of the situation.  The food is also a character and can be good or evil.  Fans of Harris’ Chocolat will not be disappointed.

Last Chinese Chef

Nicole Mones

 Food and cooking nourishes the body and the soul.  Food and cooking illuminate a culture and save a life.  Maggie is a widow who writes for Table Magazine.  The death of her husband isn’t her only tragedy, when she finds she didn’t really know him after all.  A trip to China she hopes will have all the answers.  A beautifully written novel with details that will enlighten and amaze.   Don’t  even think of reading this on an empty stomach, be prepared to crave a lovely meal that doesn’t come wrapped in paper through a car window.