Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and Cover Letters

Starting from a blank page?  Need ideas on formatting?  Can’t find right word?  Whatever your stage of resume writing, we’ve got you covered with templates, step by step instructions, and resources to make your resume pop.  

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Cole C.
The Best Keywords for Resumes, Letters, and Interviews: Powerful Words and Phrases for Landing Great Jobs!

Wendy S. Enelow
Job Search 650.14 Ene

Finding a great job is all about good communication between candidates and hiring personnel, and the language you use is extremely important. This book reveals how candidates can best speak the language of employers for getting hired.

Confessions from a Recruiter: Resume Writing

David Janssen
Job Search 650.142 Jan

Learn the secrets of writing an attention-grabbing resume based on surveys of over one hundred human resource professionals. Confessions from a recruiter shows job seekers how to compose a resume that is up-to-date, in tune with current trends, and contains precisely what hiring managers are looking for in employees.

Gallery of Best Cover Letters: A Collection of Quality Cover Letters by Professional Resume Writers

David F. Noble
Job Search 650.142 Nob

Writing a cover letter is more than a necessary step in the job search process. It is a chance to make a stellar first impression on hiring managers. Readers will discover how to craft a superior cover letter that ensures they will get noticed. Includes more than 300 sample cover letters and 20+ corresponding resumes written by experienced professionals.


Gallery of Best Resumes: A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers

David F. Noble
Job Search 650.142 Nob

A showcase collection offering more than 150 sample resumes and thirty cover letters representing the very best creations of professional resume writers.

How to Write a Stellar Executive Resume: 50 Tips to Reaching Your Job Target

Brenda Bernstein
Job Search 650.142 Ber

A step-by-step guide that empowers readers to create an effective resume and stand out from the crowd as a top candidate for an executive position. This book provides practical, proven, up-to-date best practices for creating an effective executive resume that gets results.

Modernize Your Job Search Letters: Get Noticed… Get Hired

Wendy S. Enelow
Job Search 650.142 Ene

Learn how to write the different types of letters that most job seekers will use in a search campaign including cover letters, e-notes, recruiter letters, thank-you letters and more.

Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed… Get Hired

Wendy Enelow
Job Search 650.142 Ene

Learn how to craft a winning resume based on today’s real-world job search trends. Clear guidelines and easy-to-follow examples give readers practical know-how for building a powerful resume.

The Overnight Resume: The Fastest Way to Your Next Job

Donald Asher
Job Search 650.142 Ash

Provides detailed instructions for writing an effective resume quickly at any stage of a career, demonstrating how to merge classic resume forms to produce a dynamic and focused document that addresses what employers are seeking in today’s job markets.

The Perfect Resume: Resumes that Work in the New Economy!

Daniel Quillen
Job Search 650.142 Qui

Learn how to put together a great resume that is tailored specifically for each job you are seeking, with a variety of sample resumes and formats for reference.  Learn the language that works best for listing your accomplishments in a way that catches hiring managers’ attention.

The Resume and Cover Letter Phrase Book

Nancy Schuman
Job Search 650.142 Sch

Words matter when it comes to getting noticed, getting the interview, and getting the job.  In this invaluable guide to crafting the pitch that opens doors, experts Schuman and Nadler give you hundreds of tools to make that happen. With these essential words and phrases, you can move your application to the top of the pile.