Scottish Folk and Fairy-Tale Tradition

Scottish Folk and Fairy-Tale Tradition

What’s the difference between a kelpie and a selkie? Is the Loch Ness monster just a myth? Just what is a Stoor Worm? Explore these and other interesting creatures and stories as you delve into the rich world of Scottish culture through an exploration of traditional folklore, fairy tales and legend.

Further your investigation through non-fiction titles on Scotland and its culture, and continue to spark your imagination through modern fiction stories based in Scottish traditional tales.

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Kim B.

Scottish Folk, Fairy Tales, and other Traditional Lore

Always Room for One More

Sorche Nic Leodhas
J 782.42162 Le

In this Scottish folk song, a generous family always has room for another person and invites in everyone who passes by.


The Coming of the Unicorn: Scottish Folk Tales for Children

Duncan Williamson
J 398.208 Wil

The Coming of the Unicorn includes tales of cunning foxes and storytelling cats, hunchbacked ogres and beautiful unicorns, helpful broonies and mysterious fairies, rich kings and fearsome warriors, as well as stories about ordinary folks trying to make their way in the world.

An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales

Theresa Breslin
J 398.208 Bre

This collection of best-loved tales features funny tales, moving tales and enchanting fairy tales from all over Scotland gathered and retold by award-winning children's author Theresa Breslin. Soar with the goshawk, dive with selkies and battle with the stoor worm, as each story is brought to life with exquisite illustrations by Scottish fine artist Kate Leiper, which brim with otherworldly beauty.

An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Mythical Creatures

Theresa Breslin
J 398.2454 Bre

Mysterious selkies, bad-tempered giants, devious fairies, and the Loch Ness monster make up the landscape of mythical beasts of Scottish folklore. This collection is a fun and fascinating read on it’s own and is the perfect companion to Breslin’s An Illustrated Treasure of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales.

Tales of the Seal People: Scottish Folk Tales

Duncan Williamson
J 398.208 Wi

A collection of fourteen traditional Scottish folk tales of fantasy and romance featuring selkies; mythical seal-folk who can take human shape.

More to Explore!

If You Were Me and Lived in… Scotland: A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World

Carole P. Roman
J 914.11 Rom

This title works to answer the question "What is it like to live in Scotland?" by offering readers interesting facts on history, geography, and culture. The book delves into topics young readers may find of particular interest such as popular toys, sports, delicious foods, and of course the famous tales of the loch ness monster.

The Loch Ness Monster

Erin Peabody
J 001.944 Pea

Is the loch ness monster real? In The Loch Ness Monster, readers learn about all the sightings and "proof" of it, from the famous photograph to the huge "footprints" found by the Loch through a scientific, myth-busting lens. It also discusses other history about the monster, such as how Nessie became a major figure in popular culture, and other mythical beings that came from Scotland. Complete with engaging anecdotes, interesting sidebars, and fantastic illustrations, kids won't want to put this book down!

The Runaway’s Gold

Emilie Christie Burack
J Burack

Christian Robertson, a crofter and son of a crofter (small, struggling tenant farmer). When Christian's brother frames him for the theft of a bag of coins, Christian must leave home and embark on a journey to return the coins and clear his name. This historical novel is set in the Shetland Islands and also New York City around 1840.


Alicia Klepeis
J 914.11 Kle

Engaging images accompany information about Scotland. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text covering topics such as location, people, communities, wildlife, landscape and climate, work and school, food celebrations, customs and more!


Jonathan Griffiths
J 394.269 Gr

Describes how the culture of Scotland is reflected in its many festivals, including Up-Helly-Aa, the Highlands Games, and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Secret of the Kelpie

Lari Don
Ej Don

Flora is playing with her brothers and sisters by the loch when she notices a stunning white horse. While her siblings clamor for a chance to ride the beautiful animal, Flora is worried. Where has this strange horse come from? Why are its hoof prints wet? Too late Flora realizes this is no horse! It's a kelpie! Can Flora reveal the secret of the kelpie in time to save her family?

Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry

Rosalie K. Fry
J Fry

After moving to the Western Isles to live with her grandparents, Fiona McConville learns about her mother’s strange ways with the seals and seabirds; hears stories of the selkies, mythological creatures that are half seal and half human; and begins to wonders about her baby brother, Jamie, who disappeared long ago but whom fishermen claim to have seen. Fiona is determined to find Jamie and enlists her cousin Rory to help. When her grandparents are suddenly threatened with eviction, Fiona and Rory go into action. Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry is a magical story of the power of place and family history, interwoven with Scottish folklore.


The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

Lari Don
Ej Don

In this enchanting and timeless story, inspired by local folklore, two hungry children are searching for the gold hidden beneath Urquhart Castle when they discover that treasure isn't the loch's only secret.