We Need Diverse Books: Preschool

We Need Diverse Books: Preschool

Library shelves are packed with all kinds of stories for all kinds of readers. Stories can be mirrors for children to see themselves, but can also be windows for readers to empathize with characters who have different experiences. 

Check out these recommended books that feature diverse characters* ! There are so many stories out there and if you need even more reading recommendations be sure to ask your local librarian! 

*We use a broad definition of diverse that includes race, LGBTQIA, religion, people with disabilities, Native, gender diversity, and more.

Compiled by:
Ginny H.
A Big Mooncake for Little Star

Grace Lin
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Lin

The title reimagines the cycles of the moon as a mother bakes a Big Moon Cake and, despite Mama's request to wait, Little Star begins nibbling at it every night. 

The Day You Begin

Jacqueline Woodson
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Woo

Other students laugh when Rigoberto, an immigrant from Venezuela, introduces himself. Later, he meets Angelina and discovers that he is not the only one who feels like an outsider. 

Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus

Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Ati

Everything is changing for Anna Hibiscus; she's a sister! But everyone is now so busy with the babies! Who has time for Anna Hibiscus? 

Drum Dream Girl

Margarita Engle
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Eng

A girl in the 1920s strives to become a drummer, despite being continually reminded that only boys play the drums, and that there has never been a female drummer in Cuba. 

Festival of Colors

Kabir Sehgal
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Seh

Siblings Chintoo and Mintoo collect flowers and press the petals into a fine powder as they prepare for Holi, the Indiana springtime Festival of Colors. 

A Gift from Abuela

Cecilia Ruiz
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Rui

As Niña grows up, she and Abuela have a lot of fun doing simple things. Abuela decides that she wants to buy Niña a special treat, so she saves a little bit of her money every week. But then something terrible happens.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Hena Khan
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Kha

In simple rhyming text, a young Muslim girl and her family guide the reader through the traditions and colors of Islam. 

Happy In Our Skin

Fran Manushkin
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Man

Bouquets of babies sweet to hold: cocoa-brown, cinnamon, and honey gold. Ginger-colored babies, peaches and cream, too--splendid skin for me, splendid skin for you! A celebration of skin in all its many, many, wonderful forms.

Hello Goodbye Dog

Maria Gianferrari
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Gia

A student who uses a wheelchair finds a way to see her dog each day in school. 


Raúl Colón
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Col

When a boy visits an art museum and one of the paintings comes to life, he has an afternoon of adventure and discovery that changes how he sees the world ever after.

Jabari Jumps

Gaia Cornwall
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Cor

Jabari is definitely ready to jump off the diving board. He's finished his swimming lessons and passed his swim test, and he's a great jumper, so he's not scared at all. Or is he?

King For A Day

Rukhsana Khan
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Kha

Even though he is confined to a wheelchair, a Pakistani boy tries to capture the most kites during Basant, the annual spring kite festival, and become "king" for the day. 

Maybe Something Beautiful

Isabel Campoy
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Cam

Mira lives in a gray and hopeless urban community until a muralist arrives and, along with his paints and brushes, brings color, joy, and togetherness to Mira and her neighbors. 

Mommy's Khimar

Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Tho

A young Muslim girls puts on a head scarf and not only feels closer to her mother, she also imagines herself as a queen, the sun, a superhero, and more. 

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay

Cari Best
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Bes

Zulay is a blind girl who longs to be able to run in the race on field and track day at her school.

One Day in the Eucalyptus Tree

Daniel Bernstrom
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Ber

Gobbled by a snake, a crafty boy finds a find a way out of his predicament by encouraging the snake to eat an increasing number of animals.

One Family

George Shannon
Juvenile Picturebooks - Ej Sha

In this story that introduces numbered groups from one to ten, we realize that families can be many things.

Princess Hair

Sharee Miller
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Mil

Little girls pretending to be princesses celebrate the different shapes, textures, and styles of their black hair. 


Linda Ashman
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Ash

As an old man grumbles his way through a rainy morning, spreading gloom, his neighbor, a young child, spreads cheer while hopping through puddles.

Sparkle Boy

Lesléa Newman
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ New

Three-year-old Casey wants what his older sister, Jessie, has--a shimmery skirt, glittery painted nails, and a sparkly bracelet--but Jessie does not approve. After two boys tease Casey about his appearance, Jessie evolves to a place of acceptance and celebration of her gender creative younger brother.

Summer Supper

Rubin Pfeffer
Juvenile Picture Book Nonfiction - EJ 641.3 pfe

Follow the creation of a family meal from the farm to the picnic table on a warm sunny day.

A Tale of Two Mommies

Vanita Oelschlager
Juvenile Picture Books - EJ Oel

A young boy describes to two other children how his two mommies help him with all his needs. 

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga

Traci Sorell
Juvenile Nonfiction - J 970.3 Cherokee Sor

Otsaliheliga is a Cherokee word that is used to express gratitude. Journey through the year with a Cherokee family and their tribal nation as they express thanks for celebrations big and small.