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Compiled by:
Annise B + Edwin F
Baba Yaga Burns Paris To The Ground

Wren Awry
ZINE Politics Awry

In this text, fairy-tale critic Wren Awry ties the pétroleuses into a long line of mythologized fire-wielding devil-women - women like Baba Yaga, the youngest sister in the Grimms' "Fitcher's Bird," and the women burned during the great witch hunts of early Modern Europe - as a source of revolutionary inspiration. -- back cover.

Bananarchy now!

Milo Miller
ZINE DIY/How To Miller

Join Milo and friends as they explore unique and interesting vegetarian and vegan recipes! Including such things as “Banana Soup”, “Block Rockin’ Beets”, “Paneer Fritters”, and, a personal favorite, “Emily D’s Red Lentil Lunch for Librarians.” These recipes are all relatively simple, with easy instructions on how to prepare and cook - so please, pick up this zine and enjoy new recipes today!

Doc Merriweather's Miracle Elixir presents The A-Z primer on corporeal health, virulent ailments and miraculous curatives

Meghan McGrath
ZINE Arts Mcgrath

An A-Z Guide of turn-of-the-century ailments and cure-alls. The publication was created as part of Version Fest's opening performance, a historical re-enactment of snake oil shows in the early 1900s.

The Heartland Underground. Issue One, Spring '16
ZINES Arts Heartla

Contents : Getting to know Doktra -- A poem by Au student Beth Stark -- Introducing ... The A Town Center -- An interview with Saababanks -- Writings by Timotheous Endeavor -- Album and show reviews -- A creative writing piece by Sybilla -- A human lab rat tells all! -- A rant about menses phobia -- Urban foraging - dirt and trash! -- An interview with Buckskin Bikes -- Burdock House update -- A poem by Sybilla.

Here It Is No. III

Erin Tobey
ZINE Comics Tobey

Experiences in Bloomington as lived by local author and told through comics!

How to Become a Lesbian Vampire Movie

Sara Century
ZINE Arts Century

A brief exploration of the lesbian vampire movie - a subgenre that perhaps best embodies the arthouse highs and schlocky lows of the horror film. While I prefer my film criticism a little less conversational and my gender theory a little more postmodern (will some ambitious queer horror fan please write about Cronenberg’s Rabid as a trans vampire film!?), if this zine gets even one new person to experience vampiric David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve cruising to the sounds of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead," it should consider itself a success.

How to Make a Stand-Up Comedy Show at Home

Dan Alten
ZINE DIY/How To Alten

A Do-It-Yourself zine of how to be a comedian at home and get people to come.

How to make radio (and a little bit about how to make beer)

Julie Sabatier
ZINE DIY/How To Sabatie

The ins and outs of D.I.Y. radio program recording, including equipment, techniques, writing and interviewing tips, and a sample script from a report on beer and home brewing.

I was a teenage witch : the pendant of Thumere

Kristin Ousley
ZINE Comics Ousley

A short comic about a witch's quest for a pendent of incredible power.

Malcriada v. 3: My Mother's Home

Suzy X.
ZINE Perzine Suzy

Malcriada is a travelogue zine of the author's trip to Belize, her mother's birthplace, following her breakup with a long term partner. Includes photos and colorful illustrations by the author.

New Afrikan sentiments : we must love ourselves and love the earth to care about ourselves and care about the earth

Zolo Agona Azania
ZINE Social Change Azania

Social Change writing by political prisoner and former death row inmate Zolo Agona Azania.

Perennial magick & poetry. v. 2
ZINE Nonfiction Perenni

The zine is a means to document, reflect, and envision new ways of being. It is a collaborative project with about five authors that changes year to year, season to season.

Shut Up and Listen. Issue 11
ZINE Arts Shut

Local Bloomington music zine featuring interviews with : Amoebas In Chaos, The Smears, Last Four Digits, Mom, Death Valley, Chelsy Mitchell and Addeline Griswold.

Tributaries. 4 : An intro to arthritis in youth

ZINE Perzine Jc

One of the most powerful things that zines can do is give an intimate perspective on aspects of  another’s life. In Tributaries v. 4 JC tells her experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a illness she has had for most or all of her life. One of the complications she had was that doctors were unable to provide her with a diagnoses for more than five years after her symptoms started. Reading about her experience and how it affected her gave an important perspective on RA and its challenges. 


M. Ileana Haberman-Ducey
ZINE Comics Haberma

Beautifully illustrated comic about love.

Vegan Pho

Juli Jump Rope
ZINE DIY/How To Jumprop

A recipe for Vegan Pho.