"The Ashley's" reviewed by Dominique on July 7, 2010

The Ashley's
Melissa De La Cruz
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I bought this book from my library's book store on July 6th 2010. Immediately after I started reading it i couldn't put it down. The book is mainly about a twelve year old girl named Lauren Page. her father owns a video sharing website called yourTV. When the website went public tons of money was presented to the page family and for once the family is rich. Lauren plans to use her new money to befriend the most popular girls in Miss Gambles Prep school for girls,the Ashley's.When The top Ashley decide to use Lauren for her own personal use, Lauren learns that when she becomes friends with the ashley's ( whether they really like her or not) she becomes one of the schools top girls.
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Dumped by popular demands by P.G. Kain.
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I would recommend this book to girls have a high hopes for themselves and plan to live fabulously in their adult years.
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