"Bakuman" reviewed by Hannah Clausman on June 25, 2012

Hannah Clausman
Tsugumi Ohba
graphic novel
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Bakuman is a story about to high school boys who want to create a manga. Moritaka Mashiro is an average student living an average life until Akito Takagi, another boy in his class, begs him to do the art work for his story. Mashiro finally agrees and they become a team. But in the mix of it all Mashiro asks , Miho Azuki, a girl Mashiro has liked ever since forth grade, to marry him! Surprisingly she agrees, but only on one condition. They are not aloud to see each other until Mashiro and takagi create a manga and have it turned in to an anime, so she can do the voice for the heroine! They all agree on it and are thrown in to a whirl wind of strenuous work and excitement!
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Yes, especially someone who would like to create a manga, because it gives you a great perspective inside a makings of a manga world.
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