"City of Lights" reviewed by K. Kabrick on June 20, 2012

K. Kabrick
City of Lights
Lauren Belfer
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Louisa Barrett is a headmistress in Buffalo, New York. The year is 1901, the town is industrially booming from the nearby Niagara Falls power plant, and Louisa is a friend of and protected by the men in her city. When a loose acquaintance of hers falls through the ice and freezes to death late one night, Louisa discovers she may not be as protected as she once thought. Unfortunate events suck Louisa into the battle of politicians, power brokers, and industrialists as she becomes a woman in the secret world of men.
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"City on the Edge: Buffalo, New York" by Mark Goldman, "City on the Lake: The Challenge of Change in Buffalo, New York" by Mark Goldman, "High Hopes: The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York" by Mark Goldman
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This book is part-mystery, part-love story, and all interesting. The first-person telling of the story allows the audience complete access to Louisa's extraordinary awareness of her own and other's reactions and reasonings. I highly recommend this book.
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