"The Cricket in time Square" reviewed by Breanna on July 31, 2010

The Cricket in time Square
George Selden
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this book is about a boy named mario and he helps his father run a newspaper stand in Times square New York and meets a cricket named chester who found his way from his home town in Connecticut chester meats mario and they become good friends. They also know a cat named Harry and a mouse named tucker hey all were realy good friends.Mario finds out that chester makes this marvelous music that sounds like a violin with his legs well this music attracts all kinds of people well pretty soon he becomes famous and makes a lot of money for mario and his family since mario was poor it helped them a lot but then after all of that fun and excitement chester leaves to go back home.
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i don't know any similar authors or titles
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yes i would recommend this book because it is a cute book and exciting .
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