"Dairy Queen" reviewed by Avery on June 24, 2008

Dairy Queen
Catherine Gilbet Murdock
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it is about a girl named D.J and her father owns a farm. She used to play basketball for her school and all her brothers play footbal, but she had to give up sports when her father hurt his hip and she had to take on everything. A family friend, Jimmy, who is also the coach for the rival school sends one of his players over, Brian, to be trained by D.J. In the beginning Brian is just a HUGE jerk but then they realize that they like each other and it doesn't matter what they look like.... then D.J decides to go out for the boys football team and she makes it and really the moral of the story in my opinion is Don't Judge a Book by its Cover!
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none that i can think of
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yes, i would recommend this book... because it is funny but it also gets to the point about that if you have a dream you need to follow it
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