"Divergent" reviewed by Natalia KE on February 8, 2013

Natalia KE
Veronica Roth
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What would you do if your entire life you were raised to believe and follow one set of rules, be one way, one personality, in one faction? And then, when you were 16, you were tested to see if you truly belonged where you were? Then, of course, you must add in the variables: There are only four molds (fractions) and you must fit one of them. If you move to another faction, there is the high chance that you will never see your family again. But what if you didn't fit the mold? You were different? And if told anyone this, you had the potential to be killed? This is what happens to Beatrice Prior, a girl who feels that she will never fit into her faction, Abnegation, which values selflessness. But to choose to leave a family, abandon all you know, how will Beatrice handle even the idea? This story is a young-adult fiction sci-fi dystopian story. It is compelling and full of suspense, an exciting read that will be difficult to set down. For anyone who loves compelling dystopian.
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