"A Drowned Maiden's Hair" reviewed by Stella on June 24, 2010

A Drowned Maiden's Hair
Laura Amy Schlitz
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"On the morning of the best day of her life, Maud Flynn was locked in the outhouse singing, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Those are the first lines of the book. Maud is an orphan, living in an awful place called The Barbary Asylum for Female Orphans. One day, she is adopted by three old ladies, Hyacinth, Judith, and Victoria. They seem very nice, and Maud takes to them at once. After a while, they tell her why they adopted her. To carry on the family business. Maud likes it at first, even thinks its fun. But soon, she realizes the harm she is doing, and decides she must take it inot her own hands to stop it.
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This story is very unusual, and I loved it. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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