"Esperanza Rising" reviewed by Hannah on June 6, 2011

Esperanza Rising
Pam Munoz Ryan
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This book was good because of the imagery the author put in to entice the reader and get their attention. The series of events was easy to follow yet could have deeper meaning depending on the reader's literature skill level. The growth of Esperanza in the book is amazing because she starts in the book basically as a spoiled brat but when her father dies and she becomes poor, she has to adjust to her living arrangements. The reader would have never believed with the way Esperanza was treated before that someone could change so drastically so quickly. Esperanza amazed me as well as others who read the book.
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Pam Munoz Ryan is an amazing author and has written other novels as well as picture/children's books. She is well known and has received many awards for her writing.
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I would recommend this book to anyone i know because it fits all personalities and you don't have to live a certain way to understand it's content.
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