"Fifteenth Summer" reviewed by Ariel Clausman on June 21, 2015

Ariel Clausman
Fifteenth Summer
Michelle Dalton
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Fifteen year old Chelsea Silver is headed to Bluepoint, Michigan for the summer with her family! But things this summer are different. Her grandmother had passed away only less then a year ago. Granly wouldn't be waiting at the cottage when they arrived. Instead of feeling excited, everyone is feeling a little unsure. Chelsea loves to read, so she finds this new adorable little book store in Bluepoint called "Dog Ear". That's were she meets Josh, and she is instantly hooked, but at first they may have gotten off at the wrong foot. She can't stop thinking about him. He isn't like other guys, she thought. He's tall, cute, kind, and smart. As Chelsea spends her summer with Josh, books, and her new job as a waitress, she is very busy and summer begins to fly, and her heart begins to heal. Chelsea realizes that summer is over and that she and Josh might never see each other again, but they had spent their fifteenth summer in love. And that Josh would always be apart of her.
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No, the main character was kinda ungrateful and mean to people. And she just spent this summer with guy she might never see agian?! It was a little annoying.
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