"generation dead" reviewed by katarina on June 24, 2009

generation dead
daniel waters
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Generation dead is the first of two books in a series that daniel waters has written to grab teen and young adult readers. if you like zombies, romance, and a little action than this is a great book for you! have you ever thought about what would happen when you died? would you go to heaven? would you go to a world that had everything you loved? there are many ideas of what could happen. but in this book, which takes place in a small town, many people are dieing and coming back as zombies. at Oakvale high school there are a lot of zombies but they are supposed to be called differently biotic. most people do not agree with them coming back to school and they just ignore them but they are still there. phoebe kendall is one of the people who accepts them but still thinks they sometimes scary. there is one boy, tommy williams, that especially catches her eye. he is a differently biotic boy that tries to do all the normal stuff a regular teen would. including going out for the football team. that really makes pheobe think tommy is brave and she tries to talk to him. but when everyone sees that she is starting to hang out with a dead boy they don't really accept them. is it really wrong to like a dead person? as the book progresses you find out about them and other of her friends. but what happens with tommy and pheobhe? what happens to all the zombies? do the alive people accept the dead after all? well you will just have to read generation dead to find out!
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yes 100 percent
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