"The Green Horse summer" reviewed by Ariel Clausman on June 6, 2013

Ariel Clausman
The Green Horse summer
Isolde Pullum
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The Green Horse summer is a about a girl named Jenna and her horse Gold. Jenna's father owns a hotel called The Green Horse Hotel. Jenna is out riding with Gold one morning by the beach. They start to clime a small cliff. When they reach a certain spot, She Sees a figure. It's a horse head and it's in the sand!? But it's not a real horse just a statue. Jenna and her boyfriend try to solve a mysterious mystery. Her boyfriend is James he lives kinda far away from Jenna so he tries to visit as much as possible. But does she love James? Or does she love Steve an other boy that raises race horses and pretty much is always at their hotel helping with their horses. So that's a little bit about the Green Horse summer. Hope it helped a bit.
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You could also try (Twilight Mystery) If you liked the Green Horse summer. But I think the Green Horse summer is better.
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Kinda Kinda not. I mean it was OK. But there are better books out there.
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