"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" reviewed by Emily on July 26, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
J.K. Rowling
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This book, by far, is the best Harry Potter book yet. It not only resolves conflict (such as the Weasley family vs. Percy Weasley conflict) but it shows you just how much Harry has grown up during his years at Hogwarts. Harry is striving to save the world from the evil Lord Voldemort while puzzling over the 'real' Albus Dumbledore and learning to deal with his grief and mild indignation. Harry, of course, continues the work that he and Dumbledore started and sets off with Hermione and Ron to defeat Voldemort once and for all. But along the way there are many obstacles: Ron deserts Harry and Hermione, Harry's wand breaks,etc. There's also the "small" problem of whom they can actually trust and the traps and nightguards set in place by Lord Voldemort himself. So when Harry returns to Hogwarts to defeat Voldemort, an all-out battle commences. Many of Harry's good friends die trying to save him, including Lupin, Tonks, and one of the Weasley twins. This battle brings all the characters closer together as they all fight to defend what they know is right. Harry witnesses the death of Severus Snape, which he finds out was actually an ally in his fight against Voldemort. After Harry looks into the pensive that full of the memories Snape gave to to explain everything, Harry finds out not only that Dumbledore's death was planned, but that he must die. Harry, now sure of what he must do puts on the invisibility cloak and, without saying 'good bye' to anyone sets off to hand himself over to Voldemort and his minions. On the way he asks Neville to kill Voldemort's snake (because Dumbledore told Harry to but because he was going to die he couldn't.) Harry gives himself up, dies, and Dumbledore and Harry talk. Harry decides to go back and defeat Voldemort. Successfully does so under the cover of a skirmish between the Death Eaters and the remaining survivors from the good side which soon turns into another battle where Harry defeats Voldemort. The book ends with Harry and Ginny's children meeting Ron and Hermione's children as they get ready to board the train to Hogwarts. As you can see, this book has just the right mixture of suspense, tragedy, and fun completed by the perfect ending where good triumphs over evil once and for all.
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I would recommend this book to anyone as it is definitely near the top of my 'Favorite Books' list.
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