"The Hunger Games" reviewed by Savannah on August 3, 2011

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
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The book is told by the voice of Katniss, the main character. You're taken on a journey when Katniss learns she'll be apart of the Hunger Games; a televised event in which kids fight to the death to be the sole survivor. This story is told in a futuristic setting but is easily relate-able when it comes to Katniss' relationship with her family, friends, and opponents. It doesn't take long to grow attached to this book & the following two books are just as addicting. Overall it's a wonderfully created story.
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The author has written the series: Gregor the Overlander, as well as two more books in the "Hunger Games" series.
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yes! However i would stress the book being age appropriate for young-adults, in my opinion the premise is somewhat harsh for a younger age group.
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