"I Like Him He Likes Her" reviewed by Megan Mishler on November 13, 2014

Megan Mishler
I Like Him He Likes Her
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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The book is about a girl named Alice and how she is struggling through high school. The book includes not only the relationship problems like most books like this do, but also includes friendship struggles, family struggles, and normal high school girl problems. Alice's mom died when she was little, so the book goes into how her dad is now newly engaged and how she feels about that. The book includes her old boyfriend and what happened between Alice and Patrick. I think that every girl should read this book because I think it can relate to everyone including myself. This author hits spot on with how real it is compared to real high school life.
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There are other book in this series. There is Its Not Like I Planned it This Way, You and Me and the Space Inbetween, Please Do No Be True, Alice in Charge, Alice on Board, and Now I Tell You Everything. These books are not in the correct order.
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Yes, it's very amazing how much the author can make these books like real high school life for girls. I would encourage not only every girl to read it but also every mom to see how their daughter can relate to this almost real high school life.
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