"Jumper" reviewed by Jennifer on June 22, 2008

Steven Gould
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So I saw the Jumper movie the other day, and while I would not recommend the movie to anyone, I would recommend this book. The book and the movie are comepletely different, the plot lines and characters aren't even the same. However, on a behind the scenes bonus feature of the movie, the author talked about his book vs. the movie and he was such a good sport about the changes that I decided to read it. Jumper is told in the first person by a young man named David Rice. He finds out, though several dangerous encounters, that he has the power to teleport himself places. The book is part supernatural, part human. The problems that David deals with are very real and the story deals alot with the idea of running from your problems. The plot also has to do with terrorism and moral boundaries. I found Steven Gould's writing style to be very comfortable and entertaining. The book was exciting, funny, and also heartwrenching at times. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.
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