"Life as We Knew it" reviewed by Katie on July 27, 2011

Life as We Knew it
Susan Bet Pfeffer
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When I first saw this book at a school book fair and read the back (as I always do), I was positive I'd like it, and I really did. The story is about a teenager who live in a time not too far in the future, and her world totally changes when an asteroid knocks the Moon closer to Earth's orbit. It was very dramatic to see the main character's world change from a normal life to a severe fight for survival, and the story (which is expressed through journal entries) really makes you think about what would happen to you in this situation. Inappropriate content: For this kind of book, there isn't too much too worry about (unlike the last book in the series). There are some scary moments and the occasional cuss word. Overall this is a very solid title, and I think, this is definitely worth a buy. Overall rating: In for ages 12 and up and 8.5/10
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