"Lizzie's Wish " reviewed by Gabrielle Cooper on June 16, 2013

Gabrielle Cooper
Lizzie's Wish
Adele Geras
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It starts out twelve-year-old Lizzie is packing up for her trip to London.Her father has died and her mother has accidently married evil Eli Bright who is the gloomiest sort of a person. She is leaving the country because Mr. Bright sees her as "more work" and her mother is expecting a baby. Her relations are mostly amiable and she sees a whole new world in London.Then she starts to worry-her mother has not written her for several days. Her uncle takes her back to the country to find her mother well enough and when her uncle realizes the conditions there he takes Lizzie's mother back to the mansion in London.The baby is born and that is the end to an un-interesting book.
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Lizzie's Wish is second in a series of six.
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It contains choppy sentences and no plot, no climax,and no resolution. NO
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