"The Lost Hero" reviewed by Raegan on June 11, 2013

The Lost Hero
Rick Roridan
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With his new take on Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Roridan chooses to take his beloved characters on a new adventure with a new great prophecy in his new series "The Heroes of Olypmus". Along with our old friends Percy and Annabeth new characters join the plot. As usual the Queen of Olympus- the Goddess Hera, has a scheme up her sleeve that will take our heroes on a very dangerous and exciting quest. We meet Jason, Leo, and Piper who must go on a quest to save the Hera who has been captured. A thrilling plot, an amazing adventure, impossible to put down. I give it two thumbs up!
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You should read the preceding series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" before you read this one. The, after you read that series and this book read the two proceeding them "The Son of Neptune" and "The Mark of Athena". Also if you enjoy this book read Roridan's series on Egyptian Mythology in "The Kane Choronicles".
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Most definitely!
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