"Lyra's Oxford" reviewed by Colin on June 23, 2009

Lyra's Oxford
Phillip Pullman
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Every author writes award winning books, and then they hit a dead end. This book, I think, clearly shows that for Phillip Pullman. I think the story had a good plot, but failed when I found out how short the book actually took to read. It only took me twenty minutes to read. If the book would have been longer, with more details about the plot, then it would have been good, but this book was only 49 pages! I am very disappointed. The storyline wasn't long either. Lyra and Pan needed to help a daemon find someone to heal his witch-human, so they helped the daemon. When they find the man, the witch attemps to kill Lyra for some reason, they kill the witch, the end. I think Pullman could have added something to the book to really drag readers into the book. This book did not do that.
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No. The lack of details and length of the story really made this book Pullman's worst book for kids.
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